Gocomma cube socket 4EU plug + 2 USB is available for only $14.99


Struggling to charge your phone because the power outlet is across the room or the bulky laptop plugs getting in the way? Say no to this trouble with the help of the new launch of Gocomma. Now a day, electric appliances have become integral parts of our lives. From doing important work on laptops to regular use of phones, they work as our helping hands. Gocomma brings 1810 cube socket EU plug with 2 USB to resolve all your problems.


The socket is like a building block, modular and free to combine. It has a very simple and generous look that embellishes life. The socket also weighs very light and is very handy. At the same time, it is also convenient for carrying out as it hardly takes up space. The 1810 cube socket is perfectly suited for reachable access to charging all your devices. It is proved to be an excellent alternative to an extension board.

Dual USB charging

There is no need for an additional adapter. The Gocomma cube socket comes with dual powered USB port (2.1A) that are compatible with your smartphones and tablets. Moreover, through subverting the tradition, the socket has three dimensions. Multiple numbers of outlets can be connected together to enhance functionality. It is useful for home and while traveling also.


It works at 26A current and produces no heat like other usual sockets who claims to be not heating. The socket has a total of 4 outlets that helps you to connect many devices at the same time. The Gocomma cube socket handles up to 3600w of power.

Childproof socket

The Gocomma cube socket is inclusive of spring-loaded receptacle cover plates which prevent the insertion of objects during unequal pressures. The design is initiated considering the safety of the user. Also, the location of the slots on the different sides ensures there is no situation where adapter housing interferes with each other.

The product definitely corresponds to your expectations. If you are in a need of one, Gocomma 1810 cube socket is must recommended.

Where to buy?

To buy Gocomma cube socket you can click the link below. You can also choose different models according to your personal needs. We have a deal for you, click on the link below

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