Ninebot MAX G30 Review: The record-breaking super scooter Offered for $699.99

Ist We would like to introduce you here to a promising street-legal E scooter, the Segway-Ninebot MAX G30. This model convinces with great equipment and an enormous range of up to 65 kilometers – there can be virtually no other model in this class. In addition, this scooter should be very reliable, robust and low maintenance. Obviously, this model has been designed from the beginning to be particularly well suited for E Scooter Sharing providers.

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Incidentally, the Segway Ninebot MAX G30 was first presented on January 2019 at the CES Technology Show in Las Vegas, With the MAX G30 D, the parameters of the E Scooter have been adapted to meet the requirements of the German Electric Vehicle Regulation (in fact, the scooter received its general operating permit from the Federal Motor Transport Authority a few days ago).

This means above all that the top speed of 25 km / h has been reduced to 20 km / h. In addition, there are side reflectors, license plate holder, … The bell was banished to the other side of the handlebar. Otherwise, there seems to be no significant change. We were fortunate enough to be among the first to personally test the MAX G30 D. This scooter has really impressed us – this model obviously holds what it promises.

Ninebot Segway MAX G30 D – The most important information at a glance:

Engine, acceleration & braking behavior

The MAX G30 D has a powerful 350-watt rear-wheel engine, which provided a very impressive acceleration in our test. 700 watts of peak power has not been confirmed, but are indicated in other versions (G30 in Austria). The test showed that the acceleration is slightly delayed, but this can be particularly beneficial when cornering. But then the engine engages also very powerful, and when accelerating you feel almost a veritable thrust. With the thumb throttle grip, the acceleration was really good. Even at speeds around 15 km / h, the engine spoke in the gas still very clearly. Even gradients of up to 15% should be able to master this scooter still loosely (we are still researching whether degrees or percent are meant, possibly there is a manufacturer error). The maximum speed is, according to the specifications of the German legislation, at 20 km / h.

The E scooter has a drum brake on the front wheel and an electronic brake on the back. The braking behavior prove to be extremely stable in the practical test.

Extremely high range

The features of the MAX G30 D include a powerful 551 Wh battery, which should enable a range of an amazing 65 kilometers. So this E scooter is much more than just a vehicle for the famous last mile; You can also use the scooter perfectly for longer trips. Since the G30D has been equipped with an integrated fast-current adapter (5A), the charging process, despite the enormous range, should be only 6 hours.

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Interesting: The scooter does not need any external charger. All you need is a power cord (C6, known as a “Mickey mouse” or “shamrock” plug) that you can easily take with you (3A). According to the manufacturer, there is obviously also the possibility to charge the scooter externally with a quick charger (5A).

Driving behavior & tires

Although the scooter does not have extra suspension, it did a very good job in our practice test, even on non-paved trails with short grass you could easily reach the top speed. On gravel roads you were not shaken so much as it is the case with many other models.

The MAX G30 D has air filled 10 inch tires. Since these are tubeless, the danger is relatively low to catch a plate. This type of tire is not quite as soft as conventional pneumatic tires, but they absorb bumps much better than solid rubber tires.

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The driving experience was always extremely positive, even at top speed. It was striking, however, that even the most minimal steering movements were felt very clearly by the relatively narrow handlebars. On the other hand, the scooter has always put away weight shifting to the side while driving. It was even easy to take a hand off the handlebar while driving without it becoming unstable.

The mudguards also did a very good job – when driving through puddles our test driver did not get wet. ?The running board with its non-slip coating was also very positive.

Incidentally, this scooter is very well protected against splashes of water (IPX5). Rain definitely can not harm this E scooter.

Stability and weight

Even at first glance it is clear that this scooter looks extremely high quality and stable. The workmanship is extremely good and clean; and the handlebar is very stiff. For sure, you will enjoy this E scooter for a long time.

But now we come to the small disadvantage of this E scooter: He has a not so small weight of 18 kilograms (on the plaque is even 19.5 kg). This is certainly due to the robust processing and the strong battery. Such a heavy weight limits the use as a classic last-mile vehicle that you sometimes take in public transport, but considerably.

Suitability as a Sharing-E scooter in a modifie form, as this model was originally conceived, the relatively high weight but by no means in the way.


In the middle of the handlebar of the MAX G30, a nicely arranged display has been integrated. This shows, among other things, the current speed, the battery charge level and the driving mode. The control unit can also be use to turn the lights on and off.

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Other features

Of course, the MAX G30 is equip with front and rear lights. A brake light provides additional safety. A bell is also available.

This E scooter also features Bluetooth availability. The Segway Ninebot app can be activated if required even a special pedestrian mode. In this mode, the maximum speed is only 6 km / h – a great thing, if you have to push the scooter once. Class: A flashing taillight indicates that pedestrian mode has been activated. According to the BMVI, you can not change the operating mode with a vehicle.

Of course, the scooter features a hinge, with a hook on the rear wheel, provides sufficient stability when you carry the scooter folded around.

Segway Ninebot MAX G30 Conclusion:

The Segway Ninebot MAX G30 is a great, very robust e scooter, which will be available at a very reasonable price (current $899.99). Only the high weight of around 18 kg may be perceive as a disadvantage by some users, but this scooter benefits from very good workmanship, great handling and a really enormous range of up to 65 kilometers. It is already available on Banggood and Gearbest with coupon below

Flash sale price: $779.99 (On Gearbest)
Coupon 1 ($699.00): X38BBBADDAD8D001
(Apply the coupon code on the shop’s cart after clicking “Proceed to checkout”)

Price without coupon: $899.99 On Banggood
Ist Coupon ($759.99): 76f6bd
2nd Coupon ($779.99): 09ea29
3rdCoupon ($799.99): BGNBMAXCN
4th Coupon ($836.99): PICODICOM
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