Mobile Gaming Enthusiasts’ Must Have Smartphones

Do you remember the time that you manoeuvred a snake on the tiny screen of your mom’s phone? Though it was a great experience, it’s nothing compared to what mobile games can offer now. Games like candy crush, subway surfers and Pokemon go have blown up this age of mobile gaming. And with better games, we need phones that can keep up with them.

How the mobile industry responded

Initially, when mobile phones were introduced, games where just a minor feature in them. Just to keep your kid busy while you needed to tend to the more important stuff. This was true in case of smartphones too. But the mobile gaming industry developed so rapidly that these days people are looking for smartphone for mobile gaming.

This change has caused the smartphone industry to make mobiles meant mainly for a good gaming experience. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best of such smartphones.

Best Gaming Smartphones

1.Razer Phone 2

Remember Razor Phone? This is a big bad brother. The razor phone is self was pretty good at gaming. But with the release of Razor phone 2 the company has taken things to a whole new level. The phone has Android 8.1 for OS. That combined with its Snapdragon 845 processor makes it a force not to be reckoned with.

Features of Razer phone 2

• It has a great display. The screen is very sharp and bright.
• It is equipped with a great cooling system. This comes in handy since gaming can produce a lot of heat.
• The internal storage of 64GB. So you can store your favourite games on your phone.
• Decent battery life under gaming conditions.
• Louder speakers to enhance the gaming experience.

2.OnePlus 7 Pro

This bad boy wasn’t even created for gaming but here we are. It really is true that some people cannot neglect their destiny. Well, sometimes that happens to phones too. The flagship OnePlus 7 Pro has a Snapdragon 855 processor that makes it one of the big names among gamers.

Features of ONEPLUS 7 PRO

• The phone packs plenty of power. This is always a great requirement when you are playing any decent game.
• It has a beautiful notch-free design. The fact that the screen is not surrounded by boundaries gives a nod to the outreach of the gaming experience.
• The system uses Oxygen OS. It is very rapidly improving.
• Versions with both 128 GB and 256 GB internal space are available according to your needs.
• The screen size is pretty awesome too. That also adds to the gamers delight.

3.Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Well, this phone is an all-rounder. It can be used for some great photography, listening to great music and so on. It is surprisingly great for gaming too. The phone works under Android 9.

Features of HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO

• The phone is backed by a lot of power. This ensures that you can keep gaming for a long time.
• The screen is very large and has a very sharp display. This adds to the perks of gaming.
• The phone comes in both 128 and 256 GB versions. This can be chosen from, according to the needs of the gamer.
• The 4200mAh battery ensures a whole day worth of gaming.
• The 8GB RAM along with Kirin 980 processor make it one great tool for gaming.

4. Apple iPhone XR

It is hard to compete with Apple devices when it comes to gaming. This is mainly because the app store in apple gets access to the best games first. Adding to that, the devices have excellent built quality, great services and much more.

Features of iPhone XR

• Gamers always want their system to be as quick as lightning. The A12 Bionic CPU allows great speeds.
• The system has a large screen with 6.1-inch size. It also has pretty god brightness settings.
• The device is available in versions with internal memory 64,128 or 256 GB.
• iOS also has access to apple’s store. This means you get access to better games before anyone.
• The device has a pretty good battery life during gaming when compared to other gaming phones.

5. Asus ROG Phone

The Asus ROG laptops have earned a name among gaming laptops. The phone has followed a similar path too. The very recent Asus ROG II phone is truly built to be a gaming beast.

Features of ASUS ROG PHONE

• It’s easy to manage your games. The phone has a special ‘ X Mode’ for managing game resources.
• It works with a Snapdragon 845 processor and an 8GB RAM for maximum performance.
• It is available in both 128 and 512 GB versions for the user to choose from.
• It has a great battery life that will keep you in a gaming trance.
• Considering all its specs, it might not be possible that you might get a better combination of specifications.


The mobile gaming industry has developed rapidly over the last few years. The smartphone industry has responded by building model after model of gaming phones. In this article, we have talked about mobile gaming and gaming smartphones in brief. We have also gone through some of the best smartphones for gaming.

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