i2000 TWS AirPods Clone: All Black AirPods! [Best Fake AirPods]

Fake Airpods 2 under $35!

We’ve got so many wireless earphones out there now competing with Apple’s Airpods. Although there still isn’t a perfect replica. Despite the Apple AirPods have a great build quality to amazing battery life, they do have their own flaws like the audio quality and its inability to isolate noise. The competitors aren’t just trying to make a perfect copy but they’re striving to correct the flaws in AirPods 2 as well to provide you with a spectacular experience and all at an affordable price. In that line-up today we have the all-new i2000 TWS AirPods Clone.

As I said earlier, this isn’t a perfect replica but it does provide you with the almost close experience as the original AirPods. i2000 TWS AirPods Clone has an amazing resemblance to AirPods 2 and not just that but it also provides the pop-up animation and great connectivity with the Bluetooth 5.0 tech. Read on to know my experience so far with the i200 TWS AirPods Clones. This i2000 TWS review will help you determine whether to buy or not buy these AirPods 2 Clones!

i2000 TWS Review!

What’s new on the i2000 TWS AirPods 2 Clone:

  • Better battery life
  • Connectivity takes place faster
  • Video doesn’t lag
  • Enhanced audio quality
  • All Black Version available – Click Here

Design of the i2000 TWS AirPods

We’ll start with the design in the i2000 TWS review. The best part of TWS AirPods is that they never fail when it comes to design. There might be very few differences, but then again, since they’re minor, it’s barely noticeable. When you place them beside the AirPods 2 be it when it comes to the case or AirPods, they look identical which is their main aim. However, the case is lighter when you compare it with Airpods 2 but that shouldn’t be a major problem. The hinge, on the other hand, is not great which is something that needs to be improved.

black airpods clone i2000 tws

The i2000 TWS also offers an ALL BLACK VERSION of the AirPods clone. Head down to find the link!

A major concern for many of us would be the design of the AirPods itself more than its case. Luckily, i2000 TWS AirPods clone does look like an exact replica of AirPods 2 with once again minor differences like the gap between the plastic part and metal, which shouldn’t really matter. The great thing is that you don’t have to stick with just a mono color instead you can choose from various colors.

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Pop-up animation

The pop-up animation is a cool feature that needs to be mentioned in the i2000 TWS review. With the H1 chip, you’re able to get the same pop-up animation that appears in AirPods 2. The only problem is that it takes a slightly longer time to connect but compared to the previous generations, there’s an improvement in the speed. In just a few seconds, you can pair up your i2000 TWS AirPods clone with any Bluetooth-enabled device. Once pairing is over, you can view the battery percentage of both EarPods separately as well as the case.


The proximity sensors present in i2000 TWS AirPods clone provide us with the same experience we get with the AirPods 2. It detects when a single AirPod of i2000 TWS AirPods clone is out of your ear and the music stays in pause. Music starts playing again once it is in your ear again. You could go to the next song, previous song as well as answer or end calls by just tapping. Thus, in the i2000 TWS review, we can say that the sensors allow us to have a great experience.

Now, let’s talk about the connectivity in the i2000 TWS review. The i2000 TWS AirPods clone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology which doesn’t just improve speed and provide you with great coverage but it reduces power consumption as well. There’s also an improvement in the reliability of the connection and it eliminates audio delays that occur while watching videos.

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Audio and Call Quality

While audio quality isn’t the main priority with these earphones, it’s still an essential factor for most of us. The audio quality of i2000 TWS AirPods clone is decent sounding similar to AirPods 2. With 6D stereo bass, the audio quality should be improved but I didn’t find any major change. It comes with CVC noise reduction which helps to eliminate background noise while listening to music and it even ensures that the microphone does not pick up noise from surroundings. Hence, in the i2000 TWS review, I can say that the call quality is decent as well.

Battery Performance

The battery life is an important factor in the i2000 TWS review. A single i2000 TWS Airpod has a 30 mAh battery whereas the charging bin has a 350 mAh battery. You get around 3.5 to 4 hours of music playback with just the i2000 TWS AirPods clone. With the case, of course, you’ll get more playback time. The best part is you don’t have to pay extra like with the AirPods 2 for wireless charging.

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Should you buy the i2000 TWS AirPods 2 Clone?

For just under $35, the i2000 TWS AirPods clone is worth buying if you want a cheaper alternative to the AirPods 2. The design is so similar that others won’t be able to tell them apart from AirPods 2 when you’ve got them in your ear. It doesn’t just end there, you get the same pop-up animation that you get with AirPods 2 as well but it does take a few seconds longer. Bluetooth 5.0 in i2000 TWS AirPods clone provides great connectivity allowing you to connect it with any device that has Bluetooth technology. Getting around 3.5-4 hours in a single charge is also amazing. Audio and call quality is decent but nothing to ravish about.

At such an affordable price, there are bound to be some compromises we’ll have to make but overall i2000 TWS AirPods clone is a great, truly wireless earphone to own. After all, the Airpods 2 itself focuses more on convenience rather than the audio quality. The i2000 TWS AirPods clone is available for just $33.99 in Gearbest.

i2000 AirPods 2 Clone [FLASH SALE]

Sale Price: $33.99 (Flash Sale)

i2000 Black AirPods 2 Clone [ALL BLACK VERSION]

Sale Price: $33.99 (Flash Sale)


Bluetooth Distance w/o Obstacles: 10 metres
Waterproof: Yes
Battery Life: 3.5-4 hours of Playback
Processor: H1 upgraded chip
Touch Control: Yes
Wireless Charging: Yes
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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