Weichensi DQ20 Review: Best & Cheap Portable Monitor?

Portable Monitor under your budget!

If you’re a gamer or a graphic freelancer who travels a lot, then read ahead to find your next amazing gadget companion. Yes! A 144Hz Refresh Rate Do you find it too hard to alternate between tabs and documents? There’s a product that can solve this problem for you. Whenever anybody needs an extra screen, people usually opt for an external monitor or a tablet. Therefore, you might wonder why you would need a portable monitor. At home, an external monitor might be ideal, but it’s just not practical when you’re outside or traveling. A tablet, on the other hand, is excellent but it is small, and it’ll require charging. With a portable monitor, you’ll be able to increase your productivity. You can also take it with you anywhere you go, whenever you want.

Weichensi is an unfamiliar Chinese brand among many. Their collection consists of various portable monitors with different resolutions. Continue reading for the Weichensi DQ20 review. In the Weichensi portable monitor review, we’ll talk about the design, display, compatibility, speakers, and battery. The Weichensi DQ20 review will help you decide whether this product is worth buying.

Weichensi DQ20 Review


In the Weichensi DQ20 review, to begin we’ll first talk about the design since it’s a crucial feature. The CNC integrated molding aluminum alloy case makes Weichensi DQ20 durable improving compressive strength. With an ultra-thin black frame, the display size is broader, and the black body gives it a sleek look. It has a dimension of 223 mm x 353 mm with an ultra-thin frame and body that comes with a thickness of just 4 mm. Weichensi DQ20 weighs about 3.30 lbs making it not light, but it isn’t as heavy as a regular monitor is either. However, when you compare it with alternative portable monitor options, it is heavy. The leather cover that comes with the monitor makes the monitor outstanding. It doesn’t just protect the monitor, but it works as a stand as well, which is very convenient. In the Weichensi DQ20 Review, the size is a disadvantage.

On the right side, there is a button to increase the volume as well as the backlight. Below that, we have a power button to turn on the laptop. Near the bottom, we have a button to decrease the volume or backlight, and there is a micro USB port that lets you connect a keyboard or mouse. Weichensi DQ20 features numerous different ports on the left side – 3.5mm audio jack, two mini-HDMI ports, and a type-c port. Hence, in the Weichensi DQ20 review, we can say that the design is fantastic. When it comes to the ports in the Weichensi DQ20 review, it is well connected.

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Display – Freaking 144hz Refresh Rate!

Weichensi DQ20 sports a 15.6 inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The HDR display has a 72% color gamut with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. A view range of 178 degrees allows us to adjust it in a way so that it is visible without any glare. Rapid response time of just 3 ms and a refresh rate of 144 Hz makes Weichensi DQ20 great for gaming. The IPS screen has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a brightness of 400 cd/m2. It features a touchscreen display – a 10-point Multi-Touch capacitive touchscreen, to be more precise. With a low blue screen, you can use it without worrying about harmful radiation. It reduces the damage that it can do to your eyes while also maintaining good picture quality. The low blue screen is an excellent feature of the Weichensi portable monitor review.

Thus, we can conclude that the display is excellent with a large 10-point Multi-Touch capacitive touchscreen in the Weichensi DQ20 review. The rapid response time and refresh rate is a great advantage in the Weichensi DQ20 review.

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Compatibility, Speakers, and Battery

Weichensi DQ20 supports Android, Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. The best part is that you can set it up virtually anywhere. It is also compatible with most gaming consoles allowing you to have a spectacular experience while playing. In terms of compatibility in the Weichensi DQ20 review, it is compatible with most systems and gaming consoles.

The monitor has built-in speakers saving you the trouble from using external speakers. They are a great alternative if you want an immersive experience. With built-in speakers, you get a 3D Stereo surround sound experience. We can say that the built-in speakers in the Weichensi portable monitor review are a great feature. Weichensi DQ20 packs a large battery size of 6000 mAh. It has a power consumption of 12V / 2A. In the Weichensi portable monitor review, when it comes to battery, it is enormous.


From the Weichensi DQ20 Review, we can say that it is a good portable monitor. Even though it’s called a portable monitor, from the DQ20 Review, we can say that it is heavy, but it does have a thin frame. It all comes down to whether you’re willing to sacrifice on the portability aspect for a large screen or not. If you are and you want a 15.6-inch display, Weichensi DQ20 is a good option. In terms of design in the Weichensi portable monitor review, the stylish black design gives it a similar look to a tablet. Response times and refresh rates are critical factors, especially if you’re a gamer. Luckily, Weichensi DQ20 has rapid response time and a high refresh rate, which is an excellent advantage in the Weichensi portable monitor review. Compatibility is superb, and it comes with built-in speakers. It also has a large battery.

As a result, in the Weichensi portable monitor review, we can say it is a good product. Portable monitors are mostly beneficial for work-related purposes allowing you to work on one screen while using the other one for reference. If you’re buying one for this purpose, then take the plunge and get the Weichensi DQ20 monitor. It doesn’t just save your time but increases your productivity as well. However, if you want one for entertainment, it might not be a great idea with the product being around $190. However, for those who like multitasking, it might be a good option. From the Weichensi portable monitor review, we can conclude that Weichensi DQ20 is a perfect on-the-go external portable touchscreen monitor. It is not just compatible with your laptop but with your Android phone as well.

Buy Weichensi DQ20 Portable Monitor (15.6 inch IPS)

Flash Sale Price: $189.99

Weichensi DQ20: The Specs

Model Weichensi DQ20
Highest variant price: $189.99
Dimension: 223 mm x 353 mm
Weight: 3.30 lbs
Thickness: 4 mm
Display: 15.6 inch IPS Screen – 1920 x 1080P+HDR
Battery: 6000 mAh

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