GameSir i3 Case For PUBG – World’s First Bluetooth and Gaming iPhone Case with 2 Triggers

As we know, iPhone and case are just like siblings-they are always come into your daily life. Given this, all varieties of cases for iPhone fills the entire market, which features different purposes and functions: fancy appearance, flashy functions, eye-catching shape, even other gimmicks. However, as a game aficionado, all of these are just the points, not meeting needs, or any gamer’needs. Fortunately, a case from a game peripheral company named GameSir has set off to handle the tricky and awkward situation. GameSir i3 Case a gaming case for Apple phones, which comes with a series of features that make it an option of great interest in this case, perfect for gamers.

Its package is simple, but never low-cost, on the contrary, as premium quality as Razer. Inside the box, there a black i3 case, a Type-C cable, a manual and Thank-you. I really love this kind of details, whose aim is to thank gamers supporting the company. It’s great.


Actually, i3 case is really a common shape like other iPhone cases everywhere at first sight, while you hold it in your hands, it feels rather soft and cool because of the soft-touch coating. On the back of it, there is logo light that will be lit when powered on and around and tiny power button. There exists a Type-C port on the bottom. About the back, it is not plain, but a dam-shaped, for there locates i3’ 180mAh battery. What really defines i3 as the mobile gaming case for iPhone is that the right side of i3 is quipped with two trigger buttons( I will show you how powerful and convenient later).


In order to give more mobile gaming aficionados a better gameplay experience, GameSir i3 case almost takes the current all iPhone models into consideration including iPhone X, iPhoneXs, iPhone6 Plus, iPhone7 Plus, iPhone8 Plus, iPhoneXs Max, iPhone XR. So my advice is to pay little attention to your iPhone model.


The following review is based on my actual experience with my iPhone Xs Max. The test game is heat PUBG.

If you are a PUBG veteran, you must wonder why the other fingers except thumbs can not helpful when using an iPhone. The aim, shooting, moving, tactical positioning, view…all of these operations are done by your thumbs, the other finger is just sitting by and watching! “Why my iPhone does not have side triggers like console controllers!?” you finally yell it out when you just survive a few minutes in PUBG again.

When testing i3, the Left trigger acts as aiming, the Right trigger acts as shooting. Naturally, my left thumb controls moving, while the other one controls view. Gash, finally again, I feel playing PUBG via console controllers. My two thumbs no longer have such a burden as they did before. As we know, the most nimble finger of human is the index finger, and now they both are responsible for the most important functions in PUBG-aim and shoot. Obviously, the gameplay and experience gain improvements by a wide margin.

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As though an avalanche of cases fills in the market when it comes to cases for mobile gaming aficionados, GameSir i3 gaming case is a really nice gadget for players. If you crave to experience the side triggers in your “stubborn”iPhone, GameSir i3 Case is highly recommended.

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