10 Easy Steps to TrailBlaze Your Own Blog

Be it for the purpose of your business or for the individual cause, blogs can always be a great alternative to earn money in a relatively shorter time and extend your profit margins. Establishing a blog can not only help you to earn more exposure but can also help in Refining your writing skills and making a difference in the industry or the society. Blogging is a tedious job and starting a blog that makes a lot of money and has a good reputation is overly complicated.

If you are a beginner who wants to start is very own blog then walk through these 10 steps and cherish the results!

  1. Find a domain name for your blog

The first and the foremost point of stepping into the world of blogging are to find and register domain name. There are different governing bodies in different companies to register domain name and you undoubtedly need to pick one first because the link to your blog is essential to publicize your blog or to even access it. Choose the right web host and keep searching for a unique and interesting domain until it is available.

  1. Pick a hosting provider

Every site is reliable on web hosting providers because it stores your site on the servers and makes the site available for any person who visits the site. There are essentially two most prominent hosts named as WordPress for the beginners and WP engine for the advanced.

  1. Focus your domain name towards the host

Establishing the domain name with the host is other and directing the visitor is another thing. If you want people to end up on your site while they click on the URL of your domain, then there is no better alternative than pointing your domain name to the host.

  1. Install WordPress and choose a theme

CMS is indispensable to manage your blog post and build your site and there is no competitor to an efficient CMS for WordPress. Besides as WordPress is the base of your site you also need to choose an attractive theme for it as well.

  1. Install plug-ins

Plug-ins are an extra batch of software available in WordPress that can grant you better functionality. So if you want personalization and customizable content then you can always install plug-ins.

  1. Download Google Analytics

Analytics is simply all about gathering a figure of the website data and Google analytics does this for free. Though the process can be quite overwhelming and complicated at times but you do need to create one if you want to collect website data from the very beginning.

  1. Setup the email listing for your blog

Email marketing is the key so for your blog to gain audience as fast as possible you need to rely on emails at the core.

  1. Get into the posting groove

This means that you need to bring out the new element in your journal every time you posts and posts should be on a deliberate frequent basis. Obviously not too frequent but not with a large gap as well.

  1. Build the audience base firm

The trick to build a robust audience base is to be patient and consistent. Write unique stuff that hasn’t been written to death already. Post frequently and track comments.

  1. Start monetizing

The only two ways to effectively monetize your blog are affiliate and info products publicizing. Ditch the passive way and get active if you want to speed up the process. Another alternative can be Google AdSense. Or you can read this article to monetize your blog.

Did you start yet?

Other than the blogs other monetization methods that offer easy money are mostly a waste of time and work nothing more than a complete distraction. On the other hand, having a blog that always build up gigs on relevant content on their site are quite successful. Follow the above-mentioned steps starting from where you register domain name and TrailBlaze your blog to earn exceptional success in a relatively shorter time.

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