LEMFO LEM T 4G WIFI Nano-SIM Smartwatch Review, and Specs

Have you ever experienced a mini smartphone tied on your wrist? Well, you can convert your imaginations into realities with the LEMFO LEM T 4G Smartwatch. It is a big screen device to hold a wide range of advanced features along with just telling the time.

The company has almost evoked the professionals to grab sports and fitness tracking algorithms on a bigger screen than usual smartwatches. Moreover, the device interprets the industry and shows the immense contribution of smartwatches in the technology industry.

Lemfo lem t

The LEMFO LEM T watch combines an industrial design in a rectangular shape just like a smartphone. In this review article, we will illustrate the device from every corner to brings you an overall study and understanding of the watch.

LEMFO LEM T 4G Smartwatch: A Brief Specification Overview

The big-screen watch comes with a 2.82-inch FHD OLED touch display in a rectangular shape. It reflects a mini smartphone-like prospect, which is easy to handle and operate as well.

Further, the LEMFO LEM T also brings lots of advanced technicalities onboard. It doesn’t lack behind than other usual smartwatches in any manner. The stainless-steel body brings long-lasting life with an elegant personality externally.

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Lemfo lem t

The software section runs the Android 7.1 and the chipset introduces the MT6739 processor for stable performance. Users will get 5 MP camera, Bluetooth, GPS, and WIFI for wireless connectivity, and multiple language support.

Amazingly, the LEMFO LEM T 4G device provides big 3GB RAM along with the massive 32GB internal storage.

Notably, the smartwatch also supports a nano-SIM card with 2G, 3G, and 4G network connectivity. The power section packs a 2700 mAh battery to give you 4 days running on standby mode.

Overall, the LEMFO LEM T 4G Smartwatch can be regarded as the complete smartphone-cum smartwatch device to handle your daily digital activities right through your wrist.

LEMFO LEM T 4G WIFI Smartwatch Review: Features and Specifications in Detail

Smartwatch industry is accelerating at pace because of the regular innovations of new prospects. We can take the LEMFO LEM T as the further step in this direction, which is accomplishing the goal of a mini smartphone on the wrist.

Here we have a review of LEMFO LEM T to know how this device can outrank its competitors on behalf of its abilities.

Design and Build

Apparently, the LEMFO LEM T Smartwatch provides a mini smartphone-like reflection on the prima facia. Unlike usual wristwatches, this watch adopts a bigger screen on the front to explore the world easily.

Furthermore, the LEMFO LEM T is made of the stainless-steel body and rubber straps. The metal body comes with curved edges and physical buttons on the side. The straps have some holes to adjust the fitting as per the wrist size.

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It involves several hours of craftsmanship to build exquisite design by keeping weight at low. Users will have two color choices – Silver and Black.

In terms of physique, the LEMFO LEM T smartwatch width and length measures at 32mm and 200mm respectively. Watch weighs 200g.


This is the area the manufacturer has focused upon deeply. The LEMFO LEM T 4G watch is being termed as the mini smartphone because of the bigger screen surface.

On the front, the watch installs a 2.82-inch big FHD OLED display with multi-touch support. Moreover, this wide surface will cater to your digital needs efficiently with crispy and sharp visuals.


Users will enjoy fine arts of visuality all the time with 640×480 pixels of resolution. It will display brighter texts and photos and create an immersive user experience with easy typing and browsing as well.

You can also switch among various watch faces as per your daily mood. Customize them to fit your daily fashion before starting your day.

LEMFO LEM T Smartwatch Review: Connectivity

Well, users will have some modern ways to connect their wristwatch to an external device. For the purpose, the LEMFO LEM T installs Bluetooth V4.0, WIFI 802.11 b/g/n, and GPS to create healthy connection with the world.


Most importantly, the watch also supports a nano-SIM card with up to 4G network connectivity. Therefore, users can enjoy 4G internet speed to browse the web on the wrist. However, the LEMFO LEM T watch misses the NFC and USB connectivity.

Operating System and Processor

Like a mobile phone, the LEMFO LEM T also carries an operating system and a chipset to run the software. Correspondingly, it has the Android 7.1 in the software department along with the MT6739 processor on the chipset.


Moreover, the device is further compatible with the devices installing Android 6.0 and IOS 11.1 or above. Overall, you can enjoy seamless smart apps on your wrist.


This feature is usually absent even on the smartwatches. But LEMFO has strived to give its users an instant photography feature on the wrist.


The LEMFO LEM T 4G watch installs a 5 MP camera above the screen. This facilitates you to capture sweet and unforgettable moments of your daily life.


No doubt, any Android device with a big screen, lots of features and algorithms need a powerful battery backup. Luckily, users will get a big 2700 mAh battery to stand beside you for about 4 days on standby mode.

Similarly, regular use will serve you for around 2 days. You will use Dock charging to energize your watch in around 2 hours.

Multiple Smart Sensors

On the wrist, you will tie a magical device, which will also help you to take care of your health. The LEMFO LEM T smartwatch equips various smart health sensors like heart rate monitor and sleep monitor etc.

These sensors will keep your pulse and record real-time data to build an overall picture of your health status. Ultimately, you can take further steps as per the reports.

Similarly, the smartwatch also provides some sports and fitness utilities like steps count, calories burned, distance etc. to encourage stamina and playground performance.


Of course, the LEMFO LEM T also uses the IP67 waterproof rating to allow you to use the watch outside in the rain as well. The body is engineered in a manner to face watery conditions smoothly without causing any damage to the machine.


What can be better than we get a big storage space in our wristwatch? So, in case of the LEMFO LEM T smart wristwatch, users are about to get 3 GB of RAM as well as 32 GB of internal storage.

Hence, you are eligible to save your files on your wrist to access them anytime quickly.

However, the watch doesn’t support external memory card to expand the space.


The LEMFO LEM T 4G WIFI Smartwatch is available for pre-order on the Banggood store for $255.99 after a 36% off. Click to order now:

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Wrapping up the LEMFO LEM T 4G WIFI Smartwatch review, we can term the device to be a great solution for fitness lovers, photographers, and other professionals.

The LEMFO LEM T combines the latest features along with vast battery storage capacity to serve the users with Android-based user experience. It also installs a camera and gives a big 32 GB storage space to store data easily.

Overall, the smartwatch is worth-considering with the other available options if you need a big screen device for your wrist with a long-lasting battery.

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