Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp Offered For $74.99

Xiaomi has so many sub-brands, and one of them is Philips which has handled must of xiaomi smart-lighting system. Like we all know, Xiaomi always try to manufacture top-notch devices at a pocket-friendly price, also Xiaomi sub-brands are following that footstep. The Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp is an intelligent bedside lamp which is friendly to our eyes and allows us to enjoy a stunning 360 degrees light show, which perfectly fits your mood and surroundings. Stepless rotating dimming brings a variety of dynamic atmosphere light. It can also be controlled by the mobile phone APP. With this light, you can light up a bright new world in sensational style.

As we all know, different environments require different light, and this was considered while making the Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp. It comes with a fully glowing design which gives us a lucid, translucent visual experience. The stepless dimming experience makes us control the light more freely. It has a built-in digital light sensor, at night, it turns on the night light mode to relieve sleep. Daylight awakening and color dynamic scenes make sleep healthier and make life more colorful.

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The Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp comes with Variety of dynamic atmosphere light which includes the green, warm orange-yellow, Pink, blue. These colors would help to make sure your mood at any time is enjoyed to the optimum. The picture below would guide your mode on the light.

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You can fully adjust the color, warmth, brightness, and timing with a dedicated App on your smartphone. Aside from the App control, the Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp provides a flexible control via the touch board which allows you to adjust the brightness and colors as you desire with a simple touch. Slide your fingers right or left to choose from seemingly unlimited colors or up and down to adjust brightness. The buttons on top could also change color and brightness. Check the photo below for more description

Main Features:

  • Promise rotation dimming
    Rotatable shade design allows adjusting brightness with heart.
  • Variety of dynamic atmosphere light
    – Let the light of the relaxed and comfortable green atmosphere accompany you. Get another cup of tea and chat with your friends.
    – The affection moments of the family together make the warm orange-yellow atmosphere lamp give the whole family a comfortable and warm feeling.
    – Pink symbolizes dreams and romance, giving people a sweet sense of well-being and creating an exclusive time for two.
    – Personal yoga moments allow quiet blue help to enter meditation.
  • APP smart control
    Wi-Fi+Bluetooth dual-mode chip, access APP to achieve wireless control and smart home linkage, both Bluetooth gateway function.
  • Intimate mobile reading mode
    Looking at the phone before going to bed at night to protect the eyes, the bedside light not only has a night light mode but also adds a mobile/computer mode.
    It is suitable for screen reading, giving the screen reading before bedtime a comfortable background.

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp

The Xiaomi Philips zhirui smart bedside lamp is currently available on Gearbest for $74.99

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