Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vs Roidmi F8E: Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Which vacuum cleaner should you buy? Let's find out!

Most of us hate cleaning because it takes a lot of effort and time. It’s more of a hassle to keep pushing the heavy vacuum cleaner around the house. Our lives have become facile now with smart home devices. A smart vacuum cleaner is one such product that is cordless and makes cleaning so much easier.

Roidmi is a brand that sells car application products and cordless vacuum cleaners. Xiaomi Roidmi f8 is a product from their smart vacuum cleaners collection and f8e is the lite version of f8. We’re going to be comparing both models – Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e. In this article, we’ll discuss the design and interface, motor and power, tools and add-ons, filtration and dust bin, features and battery life of Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e

Comparison of Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vs F8E

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vs Roidmi F8E: The Specs

Roidmi f8 Roidmi f8e
Highest Variant Price:
LED Headlights
Wind Pressure:
18500 Pa
17000 Pa
Suction Power:
115 Aw
80 Aw
Battery Life:
55 minutes
40 minutes

Design and Interface – Xiaomi Roidmi F8 vs F8E

xiaomi roidmi f8 vs f8e comparison

Xiaomi Roidmi f8 has a very minimalistic design that is elegant. The white body with a red accent has a flexible design and weighs around 1.5 kg without the electric brush. Xiaomi Roidmi f8e is also known as Roidmi f8 lite. It has a silver accent over its white body and weighs about 1.3 kg without a brush.

Both models have the power switch and the charging port on the ergonomic handle. There is a mode switch button above the power button and an indicator below it. The indicator lights up when you turn on the vacuum showing the power status and indicates when it is full of dust. If you press the power button for a few seconds, it turns off the vacuum and pushing it twice turns on max mode. They have a magnetic dock that allows you to store the vacuum cleaner on the wall.

In terms of design, there isn’t much difference when you compare these two models- Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e. They only differ when it comes to the color of the accent and the weight.

Motor and Power

Roidmi f8 has a DC brushless motor with a speed of 100,000 rpm and produces 115 air watts of power. It has a total power rating of 410 W and wind pressure of 18500 Pa. Roidmi f8e has a speed of 80,000 rpm that equates to around 80 air watts of power. The rated power is 300 W, and it has a wind pressure of 17000 Pa. When it comes to the power of Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e, Roidmi f8 has a higher power motor, suction power, and wind pressure. The suction power is one of the most important aspects of Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e.

Advantage: Xiaomi Roidmi f8

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Tools and Add-ons

Roidmi f8 has a single floor tool that comes with two interchangeable brushes. The soft woven nylon roller brush works well on the bare floor, but you can use it on the carpet too. The carbon fibre brush is best for carpets and picks up all the surface dirt. There is also an LED light that automatically turns on when you’re in low-light conditions which helps you clean dark areas properly. It also has a soft extension pipe that is flexible and can be stretched to help you clean hard to reach areas.

Roidmi f8e has a floor tool as well, but it comes with a single brush-nylon roller brush. Roidmi f8e does not have an LED light or a soft extension pipe. However, both models have a multi-function brush head, electric anti-mite brush, and long flat suction head. Roidmi f8 has more tools and add-ons when you compare between Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e. The LED light also makes Roidmi f8 more desirable between the two models – Xiaomi Roidmi f8 vs f8e.

Advantage:Xiaomi Roidmi f8

Filtration and Dirt Bin

xiaomi roidmi f8 vs f8e specs comparison

Roidmi f8 has a quadruple filtration system consisting of a metal mesh, cone for separating dust from the air, polymer sponge and HEPA filter. Roidmi f8e has a three-layer filtration system excluding the polymer sponge. When it comes to the filtration system between Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8, f8 comes with more layers. The dust bins in both models have a capacity of 0.4l, which is very small, especially if a lot of dirt accumulates. A single press on the button at the bottom of the dirt deposit separates it from the cleaner, making cleaning easy. You additionally get a brush to clean the filter. However, when it comes to the dust bin, there is no difference between both models-Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8.

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roidmi vacuum cleaner app android ios

Roidmi f8 links to an app via Bluetooth. It provides information such as battery usage, filter capacity, and it tells you when you have to empty the bin. It also lets you know the temperature and air quality. Cleaning time, distance traveled, and calories burned are also listed. While this may not be important to some people, this is a great addition. Both models produce the same noise level, and although it is not low, you could talk on the phone. The noise level is very high in turbo mode, making it hard to hear any external noise.

Battery Life

The main reason most of us opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner is that it is more convenient. However, with cordless ones, battery life is a massive deal-breaker for many. It’s essential to have a vacuum cleaner with a good battery life. Let’s compare the battery life between Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8 to find out which model provides better run time.

Xiaomi Roidmi f8 has a 2500mAH battery that provides up to 55 minutes of operating time on a single charge. Roidmi f8e comes with a 2200mAH battery that gives up to 40 minutes of run time. In strong mode, both models last for only 10 minutes and they take around 2.5 hours to charge completely. In terms of battery life between Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8, Roidmi f8 has a better battery life.

Advantage: Xiaomi Roidmi f8

Xiaomi Roidmi F8E vs F8: Which one should you buy?

The winner between Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8 is Roidmi f8. Roidmi f8 has a higher suction power than Roidmi f8e, which means that it can pull up more dust. It also has extra tools and add-ons which come in very handy. The filtration system is better in f8, and you can link it with an app. It also provides a better battery life than f8e. In terms of design, they are very similar with slight differences. When it comes to price, Roidmi f8e is the better option at a very low price with just a slight difference in tools, filtration system, and battery life. If the price isn’t an issue, get Roidmi f8 as it’s the clear winner of Xiaomi Roidmi f8e vs f8.

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