XGimi Aurora Rs Pro, H3 and Z8X: 3 new intelligent projectors(Coupons available)

It has been said several times, the winds are favorable to the manufacturer Xgimi who has just announced the launch in China of 3 new home cinema projectors. Only one of them is a 4K model by XPR simulation, the Aurora Rs Pro. The other two are 1080P front-facing broadcasters but with 4K HDR compatibility.

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Xgimi Aurora RS Pro

The Aurora RS Pro is a 4K simulation projector. It features 4K optical zoom, 4K scaling, and fluency support for 1080P and 4K signals. It is also equipped with an X-Remote remote control that allows you to control music playback from anywhere in your home. Here is his official video presentation:

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Xgimi H3

The brightness of the H3 can reach 1900 lumens. Xgimi engineers have improved its unique cooling system. This allows the H3 to increase brightness by 40% compared to H2, while remaining very discreet (28dB). Here is also his promotional video:

The user turns on the H3 and does nothing else. The focus is adjusted automatically in 1 second. Whether it is tilted up or down, left or right, or forward or backward, trapezoid correction occurs precisely.

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The H3 incorporates the “Hawkeye” device which consists of a laser and an electrically operated lens. The laser calculates distance between the machine and the projected image in milliseconds, the focus is fast and the focus accuracy is 95%. It is of course possible to make this setting manually.

Using Coupon code: aff7off, XGIMI H3 can be purchased for just $902.99, click the link below to get it.

XGimi Z8X

The brightness of the Z8X is announced at 1200 lumens. It has a Harman / kardon sound system. Like the H3, it is equipped with autofocus, 4-way trapezoid correction, image interpolation, and HDR10 decoding.

These 3 new intelligent projectors are currently only marketed in China, but no doubt that international versions will be available. Xgimi has never hidden his global ambitions.

Price without coupon: $962.99
Coupon 1 ($809.99): BGXGZ8X
Coupon 2 ($895.58): aff7off

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