Xiaomi Mi Box S vs Mi Box 3: Which one is the better option?

Which is the Best Android TV Box by Xiaomi?

With the advancement in technology, companies are making products for a much more convenient lifestyle. Android TV boxes have become quite popular and fit into this section. They are more customizable than products like Roku and Apple TV. They allow you to watch on-demand video services such as Netflix as well as content from storage. These boxes can turn any TV into a smart TV providing you with various options. In this category, Xiaomi Mi Box 3 is one of the Android TV boxes that provide you with a complete experience. Xiaomi has launched a new product with improvements to enhance the experience, the Mi Box S. Keep reading to find out which one is better: Xiaomi Mi Box S vs Mi Box 3.

Mi Box S vs Mi Box 3: Detailed Comparison

Design and Usability

The Mi Box S and Mi Box 3 are basic in design, black in color made out of plastic with rounded edges. The reason they have a boxy design is to dissipate heat from the internal hardware preventing the device from overheating. The Mi Box S is uniform in thickness throughout. The Mi Box 3, on the other hand, has a slope-like design with the top flat. The Xiaomi Mi Box 3 is slightly larger than Mi Box S and weighs more. However, they’re both matte black and square in shape.

The ports available in both the models are the same with a power interface, USB 2.0 port, HDMI 2.0a port, and audio-out. They both don’t offer an Ethernet port, which is a disadvantage for those with poor connectivity. An external USB to Ethernet cable can resolve this conflict. They both come with a Bluetooth remote control which offers the same basic functions with a few additional buttons in the Mi S Box. In the Xiaomi Mi Box 3, the power button is at the top while the menu, home and voice control buttons lie below that. The volume control button is at the end.

In the Mi S box, the power lies on top with the voice assistant button right below it. The menu, home, and app shortcut button lie below that. The volume control button is at the end along with the Netflix and Live TV button. Due to the comparatively larger size of the Mi Box 3, the Mi Box S takes the win in terms of design in this Xiaomi Mi Box S vs Mi box 3 comparison

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Is there any difference in hardware and performance between the two?

When it comes to hardware and performance, there isn’t a huge difference between the Mi Box S and Mi Box 3. A Cortex-A53 quad-core 64-bit CPU and a Mali-450 GPU powers them both. They also come with a RAM size of 2 GB and storage of 8 GB eMMC.

Mi Box S has the latest version of Android TV, 8.1 and is likely to be updated to 9 eventually. The Mi Box 3 has the previous version of Android TV, 8.0. The Android OS makes it simpler for users who are accustomed to the OS. Both the Mi Box S and Xiaomi Mi Box 3 run the stock version of the Google Android TV operating system. The Stock version is the default operating system from the manufacturer without any alteration. Some manufacturers run their own versions of the User Interface. It also helps prevents bloatware. Bloatware is software that uses large amounts of memory with unnecessary features. Despite casting the same specs, the Xiaomi Mi Box S still performs better when compared to its predecessor. Thus takes the win in terms of performance in this comparison of Xiaomi Mi Box 3 vs Mi Box S.

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Do they both offer the same features?

Mi Box S and Mi Box 3 feature the latest 4K HDR technology and they can play 4K videos at 60FPS. FPS stands for frames per second which measures the display device performance. 4K means it is four times 1080p viewing adding better definition and clarity. HDR stands for high dynamic range and it is the expansion of the range of color and brightness displayed. They have pre-installed applications such as Google Apps, Netflix, YouTube, and the Redbull TV app. You can install other applications from the play store but certain applications are not available such as Amazon Prime.

They both support Google assistant allowing you to control your smart home devices. Additionally, with HDMI CEC, you can control both the TV and the Android TV box with a single remote. Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is a feature of HDMI allowing users to control devices connected through HDMI with a single remote. We can use this feature by enabling it on our TV.

The Mi Box S and Mi Box 3 have a built-in Google cast. The difference is that Mi Box S has a 4K Google Chromecast also known as Chromecast Ultra. It allows you to stream content from your mobile or laptop to your TV in 4K. The Android TV box has to be ON in order to use Google Chromecast. They both support DTS and Dolby audio delivering crisp, three-dimensional surround sound. The Mi Box S has an upgraded version of Bluetooth, 4.2 whereas the Mi Box 3 has 4.0.

Both models allow you to play games. You can pair the Android TV box with the Xiaomi Mi Game Controller via Bluetooth for a more sensational experience. You can also use the included remote to play certain games that do not require a gamepad. It cannot support intensive gaming as the android box has a low storage memory. It will just end up heating the device.

Which one should you buy?

Comparatively, both the Mi Box S and Mi Box 3 offer the same features with just a few differences. If you’re someone who likes to stay up to date with the latest technology, then the Mi Box S is for you. It has the latest Android TV OS with an updated version of Bluetooth. With slight variances in the price as well, it makes more sense to go with the Mi Box S. If you’ve already got a Mi Box 3, it’s better to stick with it instead of getting a Mi Box S.

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