Bilikay HBQ Pro Review: Cheap Apple Powerbeats Pro Alternative

Let's talk about a Cheaper Apple Powerbeats Pro Alternative!

Wireless earphones are one of the most trending products due to various reasons. One, they are tangle-free, saving you from the tedious task of untangling them every time you use them. The second and most important factor is Bluetooth compatibility allowing you to pair to a Bluetooth-enabled device effortlessly. They also have a sleek design providing you with more comfort and allowing a certain distance from the connected device.

With so many wireless earphones available, you have various options to choose from which could also confuse you. Most wireless earphones are clones of Apple’s earphones trying to provide you with similar features at an affordable price. The design plays a major role, and most of them have a perfect replica. However, there are some differences when it comes to other aspects. Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS is an Apple Powerbeats Pro alternative with a similar design and other features that we will be discussing. The topic today is Bilikay HBQ Pro Review. It will help you assess whether it is worth buying.

Bilikay HBQ Pro Review

Does the design make it an Apple Powerbeats Pro alternative?

Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS comes in black with an elegant look. It has an ergonomic design with an ear hook attached. It ensures a perfect fit and prevents earphones from falling out, providing the user with a comfortable experience. It comes with a button which has the power symbol in red attached to it and a volume control button. It is compact weighing around 89 grams. It comes with a black case that indicates the earphones charging status as well as the current status. The design makes the Bilikay HBQ Pro an Apple Powerbeats Pro alternative with slight differences.

Let’s talk feature!

It comes with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can expect reduced power usage, which equates to longer battery life. Two connected devices can also play audio at the same time. With an improvement in range and speed, pairing is easy. It offers a Bluetooth distance of 10m without obstacles.

With or without our knowledge we frequently expose our earphones to elements that can spoil our great music experience. Choosing the right earphones comes down to our lifestyle. With sweat and water-resistant protection, Bilikay HBQ Pro earphones guarantee that it can adapt to all kinds of situations. The IPX4 rating in Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS ensures this. It is an important factor when it comes to playing sports as well as for outdoor use.

Are they noise cancellation earphones?

For many of us, noise cancellation is an important feature in earphones. The absence of this feature can be a huge deal-breaker. Noise cancellation ensures that we can concentrate on the task at hand without noise being a distraction. Be it while playing a game or going for a run in the park without the surroundings interrupting you. Bilikay HBQ Pro earphones come with active noise cancellation adopting audio processing duplicate noise-reducing technology.

Does it provide good sound quality?

Bilikay HBQ Pro earphones play in stereo mode which means sound comes from two independent channels. It provides a heavy bass sound and a dominant high pitch just as stated. Even with the volume high, Bilikay HBQ Pro TWS doesn’t compromise on the quality of sound. The built-in microphone assures that your voice is clear and crisp. Bilikay HBQ Pro provides wonderful sound quality for earphones under $50.

The controls are mindblowing!

The controls in wireless earphones also play an important role in ensuring convenience depending on where the controls are. The controls in Bilikay HBQ Pro are easily accessible making it convenient for the user to control. There are two buttons attached in Bilikay HBQ Pro to control all the functions. The button with the power logo allows you to answer/end calls, play/pause music and skip to the next song. The volume control button lies above the power button, allowing you to control the volume with ease. The controls in Bilikay HBQ Pro make these earphones Apple powerbeats pro alternative with both having the same controls.

Does the battery life indicate its Apple Powerbeats Pro alternative?

The battery life is an important aspect when it comes to wireless earphones. Nobody wants their earphones to run out of charge while they’re in the middle of running or walking. Bilikay HBQ Pro saves you from that trouble by providing a playback time of around 8 to 10 hours. Similar battery life makes it Apple powerbeats pro alternative.

The charging bin has a 950mAh battery and the earphones have a 100mAh battery. You also get a talk time of around 8 to 10 hours with an outstanding standby time of 120 hours. The charging time is 1.5 hours, which is not bad considering the playback time that it provides.

The Verdict – Bilikay HBQ Pro Review

In the Bilikay HBQ Pro Review, we’ve discussed design, features, noise cancellation, control and, battery life. Even though sports are the main reason for the design, it has a wide usage such as driving, working, etc. As stated earlier, the design makes it the Apple Powerbeats Pro alternative. It comes with the latest Bluetooth technology V5.0 with an IPX4 rating. Bilikay HBQ Pro also offers active noise cancellation and has two buttons to control all functions. It has a long battery life providing 8-10 hours of playback time. Overall, it is a great deal for the price it offers.

For under $50, the Bilikay HBQ Pro earphones provide you with all necessary features in wireless earphones with an ergonomic design. The battery life it provides makes it much more spectacular. You can now get the Bilikay HBQ Pro earphones from Gearbest for just $39.99.

Buy Bilikay HBQ Pro!


Bilikay HBQ Pro Specification:

Model Bilikay HBQ Pro
Playback Time 8-10 hours
Splash Proof Yes
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Range 10 m
Standby Time 120 hours

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