Xiaomi is to Launch Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest Soon

After giving every possible comfort to the humans of the family, the Chinese tech leader Xiaomi is now striving to offer some gadgets to the home animals too. In the consideration, it is thinking to have a product to cater to the needs of the home pets like cats or puppies etc. In the portfolio, Xiaomi has a new product named Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest for our beloved pets. It comes with a perfect size and design that is suitable for small pets like cats or puppies and small breeds of dog like Chihuahua.

Xiaomi Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest Features

Furthermore, the company suggests to use the nest for small dogs with weight below 4KG and cats etc. which weigh below 8 kg. As per the nest qualities, it comes with a spectacular design and making, which is quite suitable for the pets.

Further, it resembles a space capsule along with the entire space of 33L. Moreover, the Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest has two entrances located in a way that pets can use them comfortably. They don’t need to move aside to exit the nest and can easily jump into the nest.

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The diameter of both the entrances is 19cm each. Additionally, the nest is comfortable not only physically, but also equips numerous technical features as well. It installs smart temperature control system to regulate the warmness and coldness inside the nest.

The whole temperature control system uses the inbuilt precision environmental sensor, which further uses semiconductor heat pump technology. Therefore, the temperature is adjusted as the crucial temperature changes. It also has a new refrigerator system to ensure no condensation in the humid areas.

The Moestar Spaceship Smart Pet Nest comes for Yuan 399 ($56) and expected to start the sale from 29 September. We have no info on the global availability of the product.

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