BenQ TK800 vs TK800M 4K: Which projector should you buy? [COUPON BELOW]

TK800 or TK800M HDR 4K UHD Projector? Let's Find out!

Projectors are increasingly becoming more and more popular, and it’s not a surprise because they provide so much value and worth. More and more projectors are hitting the market, and more and more companies are joining the game. But BenQ has always been one of the best companies when it comes to making projectors, and with their BenQ TK800 and the BenQ TK800M 4K, they only provide better and more. So which one should you pick up between the BenQ TK800 vs TK800m 4K Projectors?

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Let’s look at the design

The design of a projector may not seem to be of utmost importance – and it probably isn’t – but it is important to note how compact and light the printer seems, how well the colors and design of it fits in with your décor and aesthetic, and how not-bulky the projector can be. In terms of that, both BenQ TK800 and the BenQ TK800M don’t sport the best design look. The design is not bad – it has a white plastic body with round edges and a teal blue front. It’s not a bulky design by any means and can fit quite nicely in any space, especially in classrooms and other areas. But the design, I wouldn’t say, is very neat or minimalist. It’s decent, but not impressive.

Between the BenQ TK800 vs TK800m 4K, both have the same design, so the design cannot be the basis upon which you choose either. Let’s see what can be.

Projection and image quality

Both the BenQ TK800 and the BenQ TK800M provide excellent 4K HDR images, designed specifically for an immersive sports experience. For that reason, it also features custom Football and Sports modes. This 4K UHD image quality has a resolution of 3840×2160 with a whopping 8.3 million distinct pixels. What this means is that the projector gives you stunning images that are basically 4 times better than your average HD 1080p resolution screens. The colors are optimized so that even darker colors appear clear and bright on your screen, and you get an awesome total of 1,07 billion colors.

Both these projectors are awesome even for day-time use, which is usually when projectors tend to let down due to brightness and contrast issues. Although, this brightness isn’t as impressive as some of the other projectors we’ve reviewed before. With both the BenQ TK800 and the BenQ TK800M, you get a brightness of 3000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 10000:1.

The Football Mode is amazing not just for football, but with all outdoor sports. It provides great green tones for the grass and awesome clarity for the sport itself. The Sports Mode is amazing for most indoor sports, providing great tones for wooden courts and the players. It’s easy to detect the differences between both these modes – the former features cooler tones, while red dominates the color palette on the latter.


The BenQ TK800 gives you a 1.2x Zoom while the TK800M comes with 1.1x Zoom. On the former, this means you can keep your projector at around 3.25m from the screen to get a 100” screen. With the latter, you can place your projector at around 3.3m for a 100” screen.

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Light Source Life


The light source life of a projector is an important factor to keep in mind when selecting your projector, especially if you’re going to use it daily. The light source of life is essentially the lifetime of the bulb inside that powers the projector. Like most light bulbs, this will eventually wear out and can need replacement. Of course, you won’t need to replace your entire projector, but just the bulb itself. Still, it can be a hassle if you have to do this often. Typically, you can squeeze out around 2000 hours of usage.

On the BenQ TK800, the light source life you get on Normal usage is 4000 hours. On SmartEco mode, you get up to 8000 hours of usage. Even better, with the Economic mode, you get an impressive 10000 hours of use time. With the BenQ TK800M, you get all this and more. In addition to the modes you get with the TK800, you also get a LampSave Mode, which allows for around 15000 hours of usage.

The light source wattage in both projectors is 240 W.

CinemaMaster Audio+ 2

On both models, you get an integrated 5W speaker with BenQ’s own CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 technology which enhances your audio experience. This technology provides opportunities for clear vocals that retains its mid and high frequencies and the finer details.

You also get multiple sound modes for a more appropriate sound experience for different experiences. You get a Football mode for outdoor sports, a Sports Mode for indoor sports, a Cinema Mode for an immersive movie experience, a Music Mode for you to enjoy your music with better clarity and bass, a Game Mode that gives you an overall awesome gaming time, and a User Mode, where you can personally adjust the EQ algorithms according to your preferences.

Which one should you pick?

Specifications wise, the Ben TK800M is only slightly better than the BenQ TK800, since there aren’t too many differences between the two. You do require more room for the TK800M’s throw rates, and the colors on the TK800M are also better. You also get more use out of the light bulb inside due to the extra light saving mode available on the TK800M. So if you do have that extra $200 to spare, do opt for the TK800M. But if not, the TK800 in itself is a decent choice.

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