Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier For Just $30.99 at Gearbest in Flash Sale

The Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier is one of the latest in the market with a minimalistic design, a space-saving form factor that suits well with your other devices. It is a highly efficient air purifier with 80m3/h CARD rate with 3 layer filtration system (mesh PP filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon sponge). Live a healthier life with the Alfawise P1, remove smog, smell, pollen, allergen, dust and other tiny particles in the air.

Buy Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier From Gearbest

It’s a highly efficient air purifier with a reliable effective HEPA filter. Plus unlike another air purifier that sounds like there is a grinding machine in the background inside your room. The P1 has an ultra-low noise, it is a very quiet device that will not disturb you when you are sleeping. The air purifier has a 2 speed setting with low power consumption, just 15 watts of electricity, plus it has 4 months of filter life before it needs replacement. It’s a pretty good air purifier without the need of spending too much for an effective air purifier.

The Alfawise P1 Air Purifier is equipped with a Wi-Fi module and is designed to be used as part of Alfawise’s smart-home system, therefore, the Alfawise APP is used to control it. It is available for free download on Google Play Market and can be installed on any device that has Internet access. Most users prefer to install on a smartphone because it allows you to organize remote control of all components included in the “smart home”.

In order to integrate the Alfawise air purifier into the general system, it is necessary to include it in the network, and in the APP, we can find it in the list of new equipment. If everything is done correctly, then when you click on the icon with the image of the device, the main interface will open, and the conditional number of the air masses will be displayed on the screen.

Most of the air purifier in the market cost over a hundred dollars or more, some are even 1,000 U.S dollars. But even a pricey air purifier doesn’t mean it’s the best. If you are in a tight budget and want to have an air purifier for your room, one of the newest in the market with an affordable price is the Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier.

You can find this amazing Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier in the at a price of $30.99 with an incredible discount. If you want to appropriate this Alfawise Air Purifier you just have to enter from the following link:

Buy Alfawise P1 HEPA Mini Desktop Air Purifier From Gearbest

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