i500 TWS vs i300 TWS – Are these AirPods Clones Worth Your Money?

Which AirPods clone should you buy - i500 TWS or the i300 TWS?

We love ourselves a good, cheap deal, especially when the deal is related to a product as iconic as the Apple Airpods. So here we are, presenting to you the best option you can get instead of having to burn a hole through your pockets. The clone market is working hard to produce the best possible alternative to the very expensive Airpods, and they are surely succeeding. Some of these best clones are the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS – but are they worth the hype? Let’s find out which of these AirPods clones are better and why in this in-depth comparison of – i500 TWS vs i300 TWS.

i500 TWS vs i300 TWS AirPods: The specs

i500 TWS AirPods i300 TWS AirPods
Bluetooth Distance:
800-1100 sq.ft
150-190 Foot
Music Playback:
4 Hours of Play Back
2-3 Hours
100 Hours
100 Hours
Wireless Charging:

Build and Design

The clone market has always been very impressive when it comes to recreating the design of the original Airpods, and they have not missed the mark with the i500 TWS or with the i300 TWS. Both of these excellent clones look extremely identical to the original Airpods and are so perfect in design they can fit inside an original Airpods case. They have the same in-ear design that is so beloved by Apple fans around the world, that classic design that if it fits for you, nothing else does. However, for people whom this design does not fit well, both these clones could be out of the options as well.

The case, too, looks the same as the original. Both the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS weigh almost entirely the same as the original, and the case retains its plastic, snappy feel. The i500 TWS, however, does not feature the text on the back of the case that verifies the product has been made by Apple. The hinge on the i500 TWS as well as the i300 TWS is also shiny as opposed to being matte and frosted like the Airpods 2.

Do we get the pop-up animation?

Yes! Both the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS are equipped with H1 functionality, which enables them to connect to your iPhone just as your Airpods would. Upon snapping open the charging case near your iPhone, a pop-up box will appear on your iPhone featuring the name of the earphones and the option to connect. Once connected, you will be able to see the battery percentages of the charging case, and the right and left earphones separately, just as you do with the Airpods. This is a pretty neat feature, and definitely says a lot about just how well-made and precise these clones are.

The H1 chip functionality, however, is slightly better on the i500 TWS in comparison to the i300 TWS. The H1 chip on the Airpods allows faster pairing and a more secure connection with your iPhone. Although the clones lack the original chip, they do provide the same functionality, although it’s not the same speed as the original. They do, however, come pretty close, and the i500 TWS is definitely better.

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And the touch gestures?

If you look at the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS, you will immediately notice there are no buttons on the body of the earphones itself, unlike some of the previous generations of these clones. The absence of buttons indicates that touch gestures can be used to control your hearing experience. This ease definitely comes in handy when you’re listening to music and can’t readily access your phone, like when you’re at the gym. You can just tap on your earbuds and you’ll be good to go. Clicky buttons on small earphones like these make it hard to have a friendly experience, since pressing the buttons often pushes the earphones further inside your ears, making it uncomfortable. Touch gestures are similar on both the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS with no noticeable difference.

Is it as convenient?

The touch sensors on the earphones, as already discussed, makes the earphones super easy to use. But another thing that makes the Airpods so iconic is its in-ear detection capabilities. Airpods have proximity sensors on the earbuds, which allows them to connect as soon as they are placed in your ear, and for the audio to pause as soon as they are out. This comes in pretty handy and makes for a great experience.

The clones could not previously do this, but thankfully for us, they now can. Both the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS come equipped with similar proximity sensors, which allows them to behave exactly like the original. Truly, these earphones are a true-to-true match for the Airpods, and I don’t think you’ll miss not spending a fortune on a pair of wireless earphones with these extremely cheap clones.


The Airpods have pretty impressive battery life. With a single charge, you can juice about 4-5 hours of listening time and nearly 3 hours of talk time on the latest generation. Besides, you can get multiple charges with the charging bin, and increase your listening time to nearly 24 hours and a talk time of about 17 hours. This is pretty impressive, and definitely matches the best of the industry’s standards.

The clones, however, are not very far behind. With both the i300 TWS and the i500 TWS, you get around 4-5 hours of listening time and impressive 6 hours of talk time. You can also squeeze out around 2-3 charges from the bin.
Another huge bonus point for the clones is that both pairs come with QI wireless charging. However, the bins do take quite a while to charge up. With the i300 TWS, you need around 2 hours to charge the bin from 0 to 100. On the i500 TWS, it’s around 2.5 hours, which is a little on the longer side. And wireless charging is even slower.

Both of the i500 TWS AirPods and the i300 TWS AirPods has a charging bin, that supports wireless charging.


Between the i500 TWS vs the i300 TWS, both clones have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which allows for strong connections. Usually with wireless earphones, even if the pairing with your phone is strong, the earphones themselves lose the connection between the right and the left one, and the pairing process becomes a hassle. That never happens with the Airpods, and hardly ever with its clones.

On the i500 TWS, the connectivity does seem to have improved over the i300 TWS. The audio and video lag seems to be negligible now, and especially for gamers, this is an important improvement. For such a small price, these earphones are definitely a steal.

Let’s talk audio quality!

The Airpods themselves don’t have an all-that-much impressive audio quality. They’re pretty decent without blowing your mind away. The microphone audio, however, is definitely extremely impressive. Even if you are walking on a busy street, talking through your Airpods, you could sound like you’re sitting at home to the other person.

The clones do seem to follow along this path. They provide all the convenience of the Airpods and the just-enough audio quality. Even on lower volumes, the audio quality remains crisp and clear, which is important for daily usage. The microphone also sounds decent enough, though not as good as the Airpods.

With the i500 TWS, however, microphone quality has significantly improved. On the i300 TWS, your voice could sound a little muted, but with the i500 TWS, your voice will sound clear and crisp, with little distortion.

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So, which one should you choose?

Well, between the i500 TWS and the i300 TWS, obviously, the i500 TWS is the better choice. However, that is only if you don’t already own a pair of wireless earphones. If you already have the i300 TWS, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading, simply because you don’t really need to. Between the two clones, there aren’t a lot many differences, but whatever they are, they do make the i500 TWS a better buy.

Anyways, we hope that you liked our comparison of the i500 TWS vs i300 TWS AirPods clone. Do let us know which one is your personal favorite and why in the comments section below.

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