i500 TWS AirPods Clone: The Ultimate AirPods Rival!

Should you buy the i500 TWS AirPods Clone?

These are finally the all-new i500 TWS AirPods clone. What makes these i500 TWS AirPods clone special besides the fact that they are Truly Wireless is that they’re by far the most accurate replica of the original Apple AirPods 2. They also pack the enhanced and improved H1 Chipset, which offers seamless connection and also 50% improved gaming latency.

The i500 TWS AirPods is powered by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, so the connection stability is not going to be a problem. There is just so much to talk about this new addition to the AirPods clone family. Following the success path of i300 TWS, i100 TWS and in fact the prodigal son – i10 TWS. Can the i500 TWS AirPods Clone prove worthy? Let’s find out!

Let’s find out whether it’s worth buying the i500 TWS AirPods Clone or not!

Design of the i500 TWS AirPods

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

Like I already mentioned, the i500 TWS AirPods Clone is by far the most accurate AirPods clone ever built. These AirPods clones have never failed to impress me, especially in terms of design. We’ve all made fun of the Apple AirPods design. Two years down the line, it has become a status quo. Although Apple’s aim with the ergonomics of the Apple AirPods 2 was to offer a higher level of convenience and enhanced user experience. I guess carrying that magic forward, the i500 TWS AirPods clone has made itself a worthy alternative.

If you look closer there are no buttons to communicate using the earbuds. Yes! that means they are equipped with touch sensors like the original AirPods. You can control your music by tapping the sides of the earbuds. The earbuds are made with some sort of shiny white plastic as the outer layer. On the other hand, the charging case is covered by the same shiny white plastic. Although it is super small and can easily fit into your pocket.

The cool Pop-Up animation

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

The idea of introducing the H1 Chipset was to enhance the ease of connecting to any Bluetooth device. Also just like the original AirPods, you get the cool the pop-up animation that appears on your iPhone while pairing. The main idea of replicating Apple’s W1 chip was to give you the exact same experience as the Original AirPods. The i500 TWS AirPods clone can instantly pair up with android, iOS or any device as long as they have Bluetooth technology.

You can access the cool popup animation by just opening the lid of the charging bin. Take the device close to your iPhone. Pop open and instantly you’ll see a cool animation on your iPhone screen. Now just click connect to get started! Although you don’t have to repeat this process every time.

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Stunning Connection!

You do get the in-ear detection with the i500 TWS AirPods. On the sides of the earbuds, you can find these dots which are practically a pair of proximity sensors. They play a role in detecting whether they are in your ears or not. So when you’re playing music and you pop out one of the earbuds, the music automatically pauses. Further putting them back into your ears, resumes playing the track. This is a pretty impressive feature for an under $40 TWS Earbud.

The i500 TWS AirPods Clone is shipped with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. Which means faster pairing, more distance coverage, and amazing throughput. The Bluetooth 5.0 on the i500 TWS AirPods plays a major role in low power consumption. Further, you can seamlessly communicate with the music source from 800-1100 sq.ft.

Impressive Audio & Call Quality!

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

As far as the audio quality goes, I must be honest. There isn’t any major leap from my experience with the i300 TWS AirPods. No mistake! It still sounds great. The sound being received from the music source is relatively well maintained. It’s crisp and clear, even on lower volumes. First of all, these are not like any “bass-heavy” device. The i500 TWS AirPods is designed for productivity. So you can see a consistent balance between the treble and the bass.

The Beam-forming stem-like microphone works really well. It was able to pick up my voice without any distortion. In-fact I tried using them on the run and did take few calls in the subway. I’m honestly surprised to see such a drastic improvement in terms of call quality when compared to the i400 TWS or the i300 TWS.

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Charging and Battery performance!

The i500 TWS AirPods Clone is shipped with a wireless charging bin. Unlike the AirPods Gen 1, you don’t have to shell out some extra money to get a wireless charging case. Thus to take advantage of this feature, you’ll have to place the i500 TWS AirPods on a charging mat. The LED indicator on the front of the case will light up, to indicate that you’re into the charging mode. In case you don’t have a wireless charger, you can take advantage of the Lightning Cable to charge the earbuds.

The i500 TWS AirPods packs a huge 300mAh power battery. With this, you can easily get through 4-5 hours of music playback and 6 hours of talk-time. In-case you run out of charge, you can place the earbuds back into the bin to juice up. Charging the bin annoyingly took 2.5 hours, to juice up from 0-100%.

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Is it worth buying the i500 TWS AirPods Clone?

The new i500 TWS AirPods Clone has an upgraded and better H1 Chipset. Offering seamless connectivity and 50% improved gaming latency. The i500 TWS is all in all a better and improved AirPods Clone. With all those amazing features and still being priced at $38.99 seems like a deal-breaker to me. With the i500 TWS AirPods Clone, you get almost everything that you get with the Original AirPods. From wireless charging to a stunning battery life. If you’re looking for a super cool True Wireless Earbud to enhance your productivity, then the i500 TWS AirPods Clone can be a great choice. Anyways do leave your thoughts about the i500 TWS AirPods clone on the comment section below.

Improvements on the i500 TWS AirPods Clone:

  • 50% improved gaming latency.
  • No more video and audio lag
  • Improved Call Performance
  • Pairing speed has improved

Buy i500 TWS Airpods 2 Clone [FLASH SALE]

FLASH SALE: $38.99

i500 TWS Airpods Specs Review:

Bluetooth Distance: 800-1100 sq.ft
Waterproof: YES
Battery Life: 4 Hours of Play Back
Processor: H1 Upgraded Chip
Touch Control: YES
Wireless Charging: YES
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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