Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite: Which is the Best Value Smartwatch?

Is it worth paying a bit more for the Amazfit Bip instead of the cheaper Honor Band 5?

The two new competitors in the fitness tracker line up are the all-new Amazfit Bip Lite & the Honor Band 5. These two are almost similarly priced smartwatches but probably focuses on different target audiences. So in this article, we’re going to compare the Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite and help you make the right choice of the “Best Value Smartwatch”.

The Amazfit makes one more attempt to build a hybrid fitness tracker and smartwatch with its all-new Amazfit Bip Lite. This a brilliant attempt by Amazfit to get you the best of both the worlds for the best price tag. But can it stand tall against the Huawei’s all-new Honor Band 5? Read more to find out!

Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite: Specs Comparison

Huawei Honor Band 5 Huami Amazfit Bip Lite
0.95” color AMOLED Display, 120 x 240px RGB
1.28 inch screen + Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Blood oxygen detection:
Water Resistance:

Comparison of Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite!

Design & Comfort

Let’s start with the design. Here it all comes down to the square versus the vertically straight ergonomics. The Honor Band 5 is sleeker and thinner when compared to the Amazfit Bip Lite. One of the biggest disadvantages of Bip Lite is its watch face. Although stacking it up against the Honor Band 5, it does have some better choices of watch faces. Both of the smartwatches have a pretty thick black bezel surrounding their display. So there is no fancy edge-edge experience you can expect from these two fitness trackers.

One thing that I would like to appreciate the Honor Band 5, is the strap design. They have so many perforations, in-fact comparatively more than the regular watches. This helps the smartband to perfectly with any type of wrist size. Also, I have seen a lot of cross-trainers using Honor Band 4 in a lot of Gyms. As these devices are feather-weight and extremely comfortable.

The Amazfit Bip Lite, in short, is an Apple Watch look alike. Top-down or straight at the Amazfit Bip Lite looks pretty modern and stylish. It has this clean and minimalistic elegance to it. To be honest the device looks amazing and much better on hand than on the product display. It feels light and sits tight enough on your wrist. From the sides, the Honor Band 5 looks as big as the Amazfit Bip Lite.

When it comes to the design of a wearable, its more about how it feels on your wrist. I personally feel that the Amazfit Bip Lite feels much premium and classy when compared to the Honor Band 5. Despite the bigger outlooks of the Amazfit Bip Lite, it is stunningly light-weight. The Amazfit Bip Lite comes at 32g while the Honor Band 5 weighs only around 22.7 g. But in real-world experience, there isn’t much of a difference in terms of weight when comparing these two fitness trackers – Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite.

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The Amazfit Bip Lite smartwatch features a 1.28-inch display. Further, it casts the always-on display. This feature has literally spoiled me. The fact that I can get my instant peek on the display without having to wait for the screen to detect my wrist movement, is splendid. Further, this feature doesn’t affect the battery life. You can easily get 30-40 days in a single charge. The display is a 2.5D curved glass and further protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

On the other hand, the Honor Band 5 gives a pretty and vividly bright display. That packs over 282 pixels-per-inch. Honor Band 5 casts a 0.95-inch AMOLED display. Even the Honor Band 5 features the 2.5D glass. Honestly, the display on the Honor Band 5 is comparatively better in-terms of color reproduction and maxed out brightness. I never had any issues with using the Honor Band 5 outdoors, even under aggressive sunlight.

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Fitness Features

What I love about Huawei/Honor is that they’ve been consistently listening to their users and have brilliantly added some of the important features to the Honor Band 5. Like modes for Rowing Machine and Elliptical Machine, which are often used by cross-fit trainers. Further, you get the enhanced and yet better TruSeen v3.5. This is the continuous heart rate monitor. With the upgraded TruSeen you get accuracy rate as high as 95%.

Just like the Honor Band 5, even the Amazfit Bip lite provides the 24h continuous heart rate monitor. The main purpose of having such a feature is to get a comprehensive study on the condition of your heart behavioral pattern. But with the TruSeen technology, the Honor Band 5 can measure this much better than the Amazfit Bip Lite.

Let’s talk about something that the Honor Band 5 once again fails to bring – in-built GPS tracker. While the Amazfit Bip Lite makes sure to once again cast the in-built GPS. The in-built GPS definitely helps to have and derive detailed sports measurements. Like to track your runs and rides. The disadvantage of not having an in-built GPS is that you will have to have your smartphone to track your distance covered. Which definitely isn’t a great user experience.

The Honor Band 5 is probably the most fitness-centric smart wearable. It also levels up the game with its all-new Blood Oxygen Level Monitor. This helps you to detect oxidation levels with your hemoglobin and further avoid hypoxia and muscle seizures. Considering all this, Honor Band takes the win in terms of Fitness Features in this comparison of Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite.

So the WINNER of Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite

When it comes right down to choosing the “Best Fitness Tracker”, the Honor Band 5 takes the crown. We strapped two of these fitness trackers and went through a series of tests to get the conclusion of this battle of Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Amazfit Bip Lite. The only upper hand that the Amazfit Bip Lite has is the in-built GPS.

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