i300 TWS vs i200 TWS – Which Pair Of AirPods Clones Should You Pick Up?

Best of AirPods Clone?

Apple may have just released the second generation of one of its most popular products, Airpods, but the clone market is not slow to catch up. The new generation Airpods, or Airpods 2 as it is popularly called, is updated with features like wireless charging (optional), an entirely new chip called H1, Bluetooth 5.0 for better range, better battery life, and “Hey Siri” support. Surprisingly, all of these features are now available with these two AirPod Clones – i300 TWS vs i200 TWS.

The TWS market, of course, is in a constant battle to bring the best Airpods experience in the lowest possible cost price. The latest editions to the super clones family are the i200 TWS and the i300 TWS. But which one should you buy?

Now the real question – “Is the i300 TWS really worth upgrading over the i200 TWS AirPods Clone?”

i300 TWS vs i200 TWS AirPods: The specs

i300 TWS AirPods i200 TWS AirPods
Bluetooth Distance:
150-190 Foot
10-12 metres
Music Playback:
2-3 Hours
1.5-2 Hours
100 Hours
80 Hours

Let’s focus on the design – it’s an Apple copy, after all

Both the i200 TWS and the i300 TWS AirPods Clone appear to have nailed the design of the original Airpods 2 with their white charging cases, the arguably infamous white stem, their in-ear style, and their lightweight design, which makes it easy to wear them around all day. The bodies of the earphones are made of plastic, but just like the Airpods, they still feel premium and comfortable. In the past, charging cases have always been the same size, but the clones usually weigh significantly less than the original. Both the i200 TWS and the i300 TWS, however, seem to weigh just as much as the original Airpods.

One difference between the original and the clones was that the 2nd-gen original Airpods feature a matte, frosted finish on the hinge at the back, which the i300 TWS is missing. The i200 TWS does have a similar hinge, although it does not look the same. The buttons on the back of the cases are also located in the center, as opposed to being positioned towards the lower half of the case, as seen in the original.

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How does the audio quality compare?

Airpods as a product itself is designed to provide more convenience than quality, and its clones follow the same path. Bass and treble both sound good on both pairs, and these clones fare much better than previous generations of TWS. Even during phone calls, the sound is relatively crisp and clear, even on lower volumes. The microphone, too, is of good quality and provides a distinct voice. All in all, the i200 TWS as well as the i300 TWS work just as the Airpods themselves do: a truly wireless pair of earbuds that are extremely convenient to use and provide decent sound quality.

So, what makes it so convenient? – i300 TWS vs i200 TWS

The Apple Airpods, many claims, is more than just a pair of good earphones; it’s an experience. The new generation was upgraded with the H1 chip, which enables faster pairing than the already fast W1 chip in the previous generations. Smart sensors also enable in-ear detection, and motion sensors allow touch controls. What this means is that if you’re listening to music or watching a show, you can pause/play if you just take one earpiece out, or if you tap twice on it (if that setting is enabled). This provides for a very easy experience and is one of the most promising features when it comes to wireless technology.

The i200 TWS and the i300 TWS both come equipped with these features, creating the same experience and comfort for a much, much lower price. Although they are not equipped with the H1 chip itself, they do have H1 chip functionality, and pairing them with you Apple (or Android) devices is just as quick and easy.

How does the battery hold up? – i300 TWS vs i200 TWS

Airpods 2 comes with improved battery life as compared to the first Airpods, especially when it comes to the talk-time. A single charge gives you a listening time of nearly 4.5 hours and a talk-time of 3 hours. With the case, you get a listening time of over 24 hours and a talk-time of over 17 hours. Moreover, a quick charge of 15 minutes can get you a listening time of nearly 3 hours, and a talk-time of 2 hours.

With both the TWS pairs, you can get up to 6 hours of talk-time, and 4-5 hours of listening time with a single charge. Both pairs also come with QI wireless charging. But charging is perhaps the only sector where the clones don’t hold up well against the originals: it takes around 1-2 hours to bring the battery of the charging case up to a 100%. Wireless charging, of course, is even slower. The clones also don’t provide the quick charge in 15 minutes facility that the original Airpods do.

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But who’s the winner?

Between the i300 TWS vs i200 TWS AirPods, it’s hard to declare a winner. Both TWS pairs are extremely similar and provide all the same features, with the same quality. They’re both Bluetooth 5.0 equipped, so even the connectivity is similar. If you already own the i200 TWS then, I wouldn’t recommend updating to the i300 TWS just yet.

However, if you’re looking to buy Airpods and don’t mind a cheaper alternative, the i300 TWS are a steal with nearly all the same features for less than one-third the price. Currently you can purchase the i300 TWS on Gearbest for just $23.56

Buy i300 TWS AirPods Clone

Offer: $23.56

Buy i200 TWS AirPods Clone

Offer: $22.99

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