Huami Amazfit GTR vs Verge 2: Which smartwatch should you buy?

The Amazfit GTR and Amazfit Verge 2 are new and improved, but which one is worth buying?

The tech market today is flooded with smartwatches of all kinds and sizes, and Xiaomi-backed Amazfit is arguably leading the market. With watches after watches, Amazfit has a huge selection to choose from, with unique features in each watch to cater to specific needs. Newest to this line is the Amazfit GTR and the Amazfit Verge 2. But what is new about them and how are they different from each other? Let’s do a quick battle of the Huami Amazfit GTR vs Verge 2.

Huami Amazfit GTR vs Amazfit Verge 2: Specs Comparison

AMAZFIT GTR Amazfit Verge 2
$149.99 (FLASH DEAL)
$307.22 (PRE ORDER)
Battery Life:
24 Days Battery Life
28 Days
1.39-inch display 454 x 454 AMOLED
1.3-inch display 320 x 300 OLED
Water Resistance:
5 ATM water-resistance – up-to 50 meters

Comparison of Huami Amazfit GTR vs Amazfit Verge 2: The Smartwatch War!

How do they look on your wrist?

When it comes to design and built, both watches deliver very well. They both come with round dials that look stylish and sporty and don’t look too bulky on the hands. The Amazfit GTR, however, definitely wins this round when it comes to looks. Its design borders on both casual and professional, giving it a much classier look versus the Amazfit Verge 2, which might look just slightly childish to some. The GTR is suitable for those who want to be able to wear an Amazfit smartwatch to a business meeting, and for those who want to sport it all day as casual wear. The Verge 2, of course, does not have this flexibility.

Which has a better Display? – Amazfit GTR vs Verge 2

The Amazfit Verge 2 has a 43mm diameter dial, with a 1.3-inch AMOLED display and a resolution of 360×360 pixels. The display is protected with a Corning Gorilla 3 tempered glass, with an anti-fingerprint coating to make sure your screen remains clean, clear, and intact. The wristband is made of silicone and polycarbonate with a stainless-steel buckle, giving it a comfortable feel, and also making sure it will not wear out easily. The watch comes in three colours: blue, grey, and white, universal colours that appease to most users.

The Amazfit GTR, on the other hand, is available in two dial sizes: a 42 mm version, and a 47mm version for bigger hands. The GTR, too, has an AMOLED screen, where the 47mm version has a slightly bigger display versus the Verge 2 at 1.39 inches. The 42mm version, on the other hand, is smaller at 1.2 inches. The AMOLED allows for a bright display and good colours. The 42mm version has the same resolution as the Amazfit Verge 2, but the 47mm version features a better resolution at 454×454 px. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Reinforced Glass and anti-fingerprint coating. The Amazfit GTR also has many, many different versions and colours to choose from, which is an advantage versus the Verge 2.

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Does it perform just as well?

Amazfit watches always hit it just right when it comes to packing their small watches with big features, and they have not missed with either of these two smartwatches either.

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The Amazfit Verge 2 comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, and a battery life that lasts nearly 28 hours. It is packed with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500, and supports GPS + GLONASS and has Wi-Fi support. It is water-resistant with an IP68 rating, which is more than what most of its competitors out there provide. It supports Android 4.4 or above and iOS 10.0 or above, so both Android and iPhone users can enjoy the watch, as is true for all Amazfit watches. It is also equipped with an Acceleration Sensor, which enables it to track speeds, a Gyroscope and a Geomagnetic Sensor, as well as sensors for a BioTracker with PPG technology. This allows for reliable heart rate monitoring throughout the day with pretty accurate results.

Fitness & Battery Life!

The best feature of the Amazfit Verge 2, however, has to be the ECG technology in the ECG version of the watch. This technology has only been seen on the Apple Watch Series 4 until now. The sensors in the watch allow for real-time screening of PPG arrhythmias and ECG arrhythmias (both including atrial fibrillation). The watch will automatically alert the police in case of irregularities, just like its Apple counterpart.

The Amazfit GTR, too, comes jam-packed with features. It features Bluetooth 5.0, which is an upgrade versus the Verge 2. It supports Android 5.0 and above, and iOS 10.0 and above. It supports GPS + GLONASS, as most Amazfit smartwatches do. However, testing has shown this GPS is not always entirely accurate, especially in comparison to the Apple Watch Series 4, which is always spot on. The GTR, too, has a BioTracker with PPG Technology, a 6-axis Accelerometer, a 3-axial Geomagnetic Sensor, and Capacitive Sensors. It can hence monitor your heart rates and sleep. It also comes equipped with sensors to monitor Air Pressure and Ambient Light. It also has 5 ATM water protection.

The battery life, however, differs across both versions of the GTR. On daily usage, the GTR 42 mm version lasts up to 12 days, while the 47 mm version lasts up to double that amount. This is because the 42mm version comes with a 195 mAh lithium battery while the 47mm has a 410 mAh battery.

Both watches also provide sedentary reminders to remind you to walk or exercise if you sit around for too long. All in all, both watches are excellent competitors in the fitness smartwatch arena, and might just come to lead the market, especially due to their reasonable prices.

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So, do we have a winner? – Amazfit GTR vs Verge 2

When it comes to overall hardware, performance, design and looks, between the Amazfit GTR vs the Verge 2, the GTR emerges as the winner. This is especially due to its significantly longer battery life, and the large variety of design options to choose from. However, the GTR does not support ECG monitoring, which makes the Verge 2 an amazing option to consider, especially since it’s a technology not many watches have yet. Currently, the Amazfit GTR is on a Flash Deal of just $149.99 on Gearbest. If you’re looking for an affordable and yet an excellent smartwatch, then the Amazfit GTR is a great choice.


Sale Price: $143.99 (Flash Sale)


Sale Price: $109.99

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