KingTop Coffee Grinder for only $19.99 grab it before it’s too late, Giveaway Included

KINGTOP Coffee Grinder Electric 200W

Some important information:
Only $19.99 then you can own a KingTop Coffee Grinder Electric 200W KINGTOP Fresh-Grind Coffee Bean Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade

More detailed information:

Stainless Steel Instant Electric Coffee Grinder with 200-watt powerful electric motor quickly and quietly grinds up to 3 ounces coffee beans to your desired texture, Very simple to use,just put the beans in, put the lid on, press the button and for a few seconds the fresh-ground taste is right at your fingertips Stainless steel Double-blade allows you control over the coarseness of your coffee ground—try pulsing 8 seconds for french press coffee, 10 seconds for Mocha or up to 12 seconds for finely powdered espresso.

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Warm Tips:

We suggest to grind less than 1/3 capacity or 60g when using this grinder for a better grind effect.
Please take a break about 2 minutes after running 30 seconds when using the grinder.
Because of the overheat protection, if the machine stop running automatically, please wait patiently about 45 minutes to start again.
Please don’t let the person who has no independent ability operate this grinder.
Keep the grinder away from water or other liquids to protect it from immersing the host.

Meet Versatile Grinding Needs

Don’t have to limit yourself to just coffee beans,
This grinder can grind up nuts, grains, and herbs and spices.
The max capacity of the grinder is 100ml
And we suggest just put the amount that just cover the blade at a time to achieve the best result
You can buy it for only 19.99$ link given below.

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International KingTop Coffee Grinder Electric Giveaway

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