i200 TWS AirPods Clone – Is it Worth Buying?

Wireless Charging & Better Battery!

Are the Fake AirPods any good? Damn! Yes. A lot of new AirPod Clones are often being released every week. There are just a bunch of them paving their way into this market. But the real question is, “Are these Fake AirPods really worth buying?”. The Fake AirPods cost much lesser than the Original AirPods. I’ve reviewed a lot of them in the past and trust me! The level of clones being manufactured right now offers the utmost quality as the Original AirPods. Today we’re looking at one such AirPods Clone – i200 TWS AirPods.

The i200 TWS has just leveled up the game! With wireless charging, better battery, and enduring build quality.

When the very first AirPods came out I thought it looked like a toothbrush. But eventually like every other Apple Product, even the AirPods has become a status quo. Anyone and everyone want to buy the AirPods as it has become a Fashion statement. Thanks to the vision of John Ive. Although the price was a barrier for many people. The Fake AirPods or the i200 TWS AirPods clone is an attempt to make the AirPods tech available for anyone and everyone. Currently, you can purchase the i200 TWS for $36.89. Although we decided to give an exclusive coupon for our readers through which you can purchase the i200 TWS AirPods Clone for just $32.99.

Buy i200 TWS AirPods:

Coupon: X3128BD2DD18D000

Offer: $22.99

i200 TWS AirPods Specification:

Model i200 TWS AirPods Clone
Resistance: 20?
Splash Proof: Yes
Weight: 0.1kg
Pop-up Animation: Yes
Wireless Charging: Yes
Bluetooth 5.0
Noise Reduction: CVC – Hifi HD Sound

Design of the i200 TWS AirPods

Almost like every other AirPods Clone, the i200 TWS hasn’t compromised on the build quality or the design. Although these buds sport an all-plastic construction, the materials used gives it a pretty premium feel. Even though I don’t like the way the AirPods look, I must accept the fact that their design is the reason that the AirPods picks up your voice more clearly while conversing through the Earbuds and it still the best of its kind. That’s the same design formula that the i200 TWS AirPods Clone follows. Even the microphone hardware enhances the experience further.

The i200 TWS also IPX6 splash resistance. Cut-short the i200 brings the exact attire as the Original AirPods to an affordable and reasonable price.

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The Tech inside i200 TWS AirPods

The i200 TWS AirPods comes with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. Which is why you will have an uninterrupted transmission of music within 10m radar. With testing the i200 TWS AirPods I was able to use them without any issues until 12m before the music started to fade out. Just like the i100 TWS AirPods, you can check the power status of the AirPods Charging bin and the Earbuds individually on your iPhone.

Also the device can connect and work seamlessly with even Android Devices. In-fact the device is compatible with almost any device that has a bluetooth technology.

What about sound quality and noise cancellation?

The i200 TWS AirPods Clone supports noise isolation instead of noise cancellation. Hey! You get what you pay for. Although it is a bit more effective on the i200 TWS when compared to the i100 TWS. With the CVC Noise-Reduction technology, the device can restore sound quality in HiFi HD. The i200 TWS AirPods is not a bass-heavy earphone. They are designed for High-Quality sound produced by High fidelity components. It is made for people who adore soundstage and wants to experience neutral performance.

The audio performance is really well balanced. Further with the CVC noise reduction technology, you can cancel out most of the ambient noise. Thereby letting you listen to the audio track in its best form. Anyways do remember that the i200 TWS AirPods weren’t built for EDM or Bass lovers. It’s built for people who are looking for cleanest audio for a productive lifestyle.

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Oh Yes! Wireless charging & Battery Life

With the i200 TWS AirPods you get almost 100 Hours of standby time and 6 Hours of talking time. With some testing, I almost got 4-5 Hours of music playback before I have to get the earbuds charged with the bin. One drawback in-terms of battery is that the charging time was pretty slow. It took me almost 1.5 Hours to charge from 0 to 100%. Also, you get 3 Additional charges with the charging bin.

You also get wireless charging case with the i200 TWS AirPods. Although it is going to be considerably slower than charging via Lightning

Perks of getting the i200 TWS over the other Fake AirPods:

  • Quick access to Siri
  • Better touch sensors
  • In-Ear Proximity Sensors
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Better Bluetooth Range

Buy i200 TWS AirPods Clone [COUPON]

Coupon: X3128BD2DD18D000

Offer: $36.89

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