Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer Review: Most Popular 3D Printer of 2019

Aluminum Frame 3D Printer

Good Day XT fans. Today, we going to tell you about one of the best 3D printer launched this year 2019 the Anet A8 Plus 3D printer. The latest 3D printer features a massive printing area of 300 * 300 * 350mm.

Anet A8 Plus Specifications:

Model: A8 PLUS
Frame: metal frame
Printing area: 300 * 300 * 350mm
Printer size: 612 * 462 * 573mm
Print quality: ± 0.1-0.015mm
LCD display: yes
Print speed: 40-120mm / s
Nozzle diameter included: 0.4 mm
Maximum extruder temperature: 250 ?
Maximum table heating: 100 ? ( let’s talk about this later)
Filament for printing: PLA ? HIPS, ABS (?) Filament
diameter: 1.75mm
Interface language: English
Print formats: Gco ? Gcode
Power supply: 110V-220VAC / 300W

This Anet A8 Plus 3D printer is available in two different versions: complete somosbor and half assembled. Today we are going to talk about the second version in the review. We received the printer about a month before from Gearbest.
The box by itself weighs about 12 kilograms with the printer.

Anet A8 Plus What is inside?

The Anet A8 Plus 3D printer assembly kit is folded in two tiers, and two PLA coils of the filament had been stuck aside:

Anet A8 Plus The delivery package in more descriptive form:

Anet A8 Plus

I’d like to notice that aside from the keys for set up, there exists a screwdriver and part cutters (quite good types, by the way), a ruler (for establishing the limit change and the elevation along the Z) and even the fingertips. You will also get a cards reader with a microSD flash, on which, are test versions meant for the printer and assemblage guidelines and a Cura slicer, so do not hurry to format it
The Anet A8 Plus kit includes all you need to create a printer entirely, and a bit more. This frame of mind of the maker of the product is fascinating.

Anet A8 Plus 3D printer assembled instantly
– separately X-axis (including hot end)
– individual Y-axis (including a heated desk with glass)
– separate Z axis ( body and shafts)
– power for 12-volt 15A (by marking)
– control board

Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus

All movable components are locked with ties during transportation prudently. I would especially spot that the control panel has a blend (+ a couple of spare parts is roofed in the package ), and radiators on all heating elements. Our task is always to gather this into a single whole.

The assembly of Anet A8 Plus itself is bound to 10 bolts and is not hard, especially since in the instruction (eng) everything is definitely detailed and drawn.
The assembly based on the instructions is clear and understandable until the brief moment when the electronics are connected, and here the interesting starts.
All cables possess stickers with markings, and with the directions that indicate where prudently, but I even now recommend starting the Chinese YouTube channel and locating the assembly video.

Link for assembling the Anet A8 Plus 3D printer. Click here.

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Anet A8 Plus

However, whatever one might say,still it turns out to be chaos of the cables.

Anet A8 Plus

We will not tell you how to assemble the cables of the device, because the video exhaustively shows everything flawlessly. I could only say that pay attention to the known fact that the cables do not intertwine with one another, because then you might have difficulty closing the lid and distributing into groups. I recommend you don’t hurry to develop electricians and recheck everything several times.
Comes with completely everything to obtain a beautiful and streamlined style.

Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus

Anet A8 Plus 3D printer Testing

Now let’s proceed right to the tests, but setup the table first.
The table setting itself was described a huge selection of times on different resources.

Anet A8 Plus

We had some doubts regarding the adequacy of the charged power supply for heating the table, and on the Internet it is mentioned that no more than 80W would go to the table and for that reason We decided to double-check the volts and current on the table and plank with a multimeter (vici vc99), here are the outcomes:
On the board:
– idling – 23.98V
— table heating is upon – 23.60V
– More hot- home heating system is on – 23.53V
Table measurements:
— table heating is about – 23.97V 6th. 78A = 162.6 W

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Anet A8 Plus

When the table is turned on, the red LED gets on.

Anet A8 Plus

The Anet A8 Plus 3D printer warms the printing table to 80C and shot uniformity of heating thanks to its Chinese pyrometer. The latest device doesn’t offer much temperature variations, everything was about 77-74C (depends upon the angle, etc.).

There is also a convenient filament switch function in the printer menu, the old one is unloaded and selected, the brand new one has been prepared, and that is all.
Next, We printed a test dummy for quality (0. 2mm layer) PLA for the effect.

Anet A8 Plus The total result isn’t bad, due to the fact we did not work with the temperatures whatsoever, but merely arranged 210/80 with 70% airflow.
We made a decision to print the heart-package then,

Anet A8 Plus Everything will be fine, but the edges are torn, and this is clearly a consequence of the drafts up, which in turn any kind of printer printing without adding various adhesive components to the desk is scared of. Here for PLA, there is enough to create a heat chamber clearly, at least an even = Table level +5 cm.

Let’s check out the extruder gadget itself:

Anet A8 Plus

A massive radiator is seen in greater detail (there are no PLA caps on printing) and plastic material (both above and below). Generally, everything is okay.

And today let’s talk even more about table heating.
The maker promises us 100?, but that is slyness even. I only once was able to press 93. 5C and according to the basic idea of, warming the table and closing it in thermobox 100C, it seems to be unachievable, but in temperature above 80C there is a random potential for the printer leaving to restart, listed below are the screenshots from the graph

Anet A8 Plus

Anet A8 Plus

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This picture can be seen in 100% of printing cases above 80 ° C, i.e., mark 90C is unattainable, it is, in my opinion, an enormous issue, because ABS seal goes away ( observe oftop intended for adhesion).

Our comments about the Anet A8 Plus 3D printer.

Manuals in all axes with a size of 8mm. Whether plenty of this only period shall tell before the deflections have already been noticed. The engines found in the 3D printer, 42SHDC3025-24 (nominal torque: 0. 4 NM) are definately not the most effective, gaps had been observed before Z-axis disassemble (light misalignment was recognized and eliminated, which produced an additional load on the engines).

Belt tensioners – plastic material, for me an unfortunate choice, because in the thermobox will instantly lead them. Locknuts / Grover about bolted connections – none. Many may disagree, yet I believe this is a penny for the price, but it is an extensive instant by the total result. On inkjet printers built based on the “dry desk ” scheme, the vibrations on the frame are high, and the connections shall become loose. Furthermore, they shall fall off precisely when your responsible 10-hour print will end, it really is verified simply by the encounter, installing growers up for table is important especially.

The By carriage is plastic. There exists a high risk that they can also lead in the thermobox ( specifically since there exists a direct extruder right here ). But the alternative with a metallic one is certainly fraught with a rise in load on 8mm shafts rather than mighty motors…

Anet A8 Plus 3D printer examples

Layer 0,2 PLA (210/80), speed – up to 100 mm / s (Slicer Simplify3D-4.0.0)


Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus Anet A8 Plus We love the printing quality, not ideal, but good.

Anet A8 Plus 3D printer Pros:

  • 300x300x350 print area (31,500 cm3 print capacity (versus Anet A8 Plus 3D printercm3 normal))
  • Print quality
  • Convenient assembly
  • Print Out of the box
  • Convenient remote screen, capability to printing from an USB flash drive


  •  Children’s complications (no muck up / no growers as well as require research the Z . axis)
  • Stable heating system table and then 80-85S
  • Questionable collection shaft covers
  • The necessity for removing the charged power supply in the non-project position

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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