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Air quality is one of the significant aspects of a healthy lifestyle; however, even being a critical aspect, it is ignored by many. Air quality has a lot to with health problem, and you can never be sure what quality of the air you and your family are inhaling every day. Recently there was a massive surge in the number of people affected by health problems due to too dry air. If you are living in a warm area, the problem can be much worse, and this could adversely affect health. Xiaomi, on the other hand, is constantly working for products that can make a significant impact on a healthy lifestyle Xiaomi Deerma DEM-SJS100 and Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 are just some examples of that. Recently Xiaomi has also unveiled Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor, the latest iteration to the Xiaomi healthy lifestyle series.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor is an interesting and useful device – an air analyzer. The device can detect the PM2.5 content in the air, detects volatile organic matter, carbon dioxide, and also measures temperature and relative humidity of the air. It comes with a sizeable user-friendly touch screen, and also for each indicator, there is an opportunity to build graphics, to bring an explanation. The device can work in the smart home system or autonomously, has a built-in battery and the operating time from it is up to 4.5 hours.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor Specifications

Screen: diagonal 3.97 ? 
Resolution: 800×400 pixels 
Compatible with: Android OS 4.3 and higher, iOS 9.0 
Particle Control: PM 2.5, CO2, TVOCs, temperature, relative humidity 
USB Type: C  power
Dimensions: 109x64x29.5 mm 
Weight: 182 grams 

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor arrives in the company’s minimalistic style and a neat white case of thick, high-quality plastic. On the front, you will get a touch screen, and to the left, there is a light sensor.

Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor works with the gills that are glued at both ends to “pump” air through the housing. The air is drawn from the left and to the right – blown out. There is a fan installed in its system that circulates air inside the case, but its operation is not audible, even if you bring the device directly to your face. Therefore, the device can be safely called silent. You definitely won’t hear his work even at night in complete silence.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor

The first screen of the Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor displays a large clock, with date and day of the week. Next screen shows a summary of air quality. On every screen, the background color changes from light blue to red depending on the allowable range in which the measured data fit. In the next screen, the device displays the number of microparticles per cubic meter / TVOC values and CO2 / temperature and humidity. The last screen is a summary, and all parameters are presented together, but in a smaller font.

Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor

Overall the Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor has many advantages that will include the build quality, neat design, the use of high-quality precision sensors, the ability to work autonomously, a large touch screen display with a light sensor. Also worth noting is the extensive functionality. The analyzer can work both entirely independently of the Internet and the application, and be part of the smart home system, interact with other devices, accumulate data, display it on display in the form of graphs or in the application, and receive remote access to measurement results.

Where to buy Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor?

The Xiaomi MIJIA Air Quality Monitor is available at gearbest for  $79.99.

COUPON CODE: NUY7CEHO6N                      VALIDITY:07/02/2019


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