The Technology Summer Show will also feature the Gaming Summer Show

Previously we talked about one of the upcoming technology fairs, it is the Technology Summer Show, which will be held on the island of Ibiza. Recently new information has been revealed regarding the events of the fair, indicating that not only this fair will happen, but there will also be another specifically for gamers called Gaming Summer Show.

The masterpiece between the Technology Summer Show and the Gaming Summer Show

One of the most interesting aspects of this fair is that it raises a different concept than what we are used to seeing in this type of events, offering a new format much more pleasant and relaxed where it will have a better relationship between the public and the exhibitors. In addition to this, the island of Ibiza is one of the most incredible hotel centers in the country, so you can enjoy not only the event but also the amazing weather. This is a great thing since most of the big fairs are presented in big cities like Barcelona.

The Technology Summer Show seeks to present a professional atmosphere, but at the same time have a relaxed and ideal environment for both technology lovers and tourists. The site will have an area of ??10,000 m2, where there will be a total of 120 exhibitors.

Technology Summer Show - Gaming Summer Show

Now, the most striking announcement of the moment is the Gaming Summer Show, which will take place in the same venue and will have a space of 1,800 m2. In this event, visitors will have a section of activities to perform, and all this space will focus on video games, as well as in the software industry. It is expected that there is an attendance of up to 6,000 people. Another strong point will be the workshops that will be held in this area, we still do not know what they will be, but they are thought to have issues such as assembly of a gaming PC, review and maintenance of components, modification of video games, etc.

Another interesting aspect is that there will be eSports competitions of the main games of the moment, and there will be recognized players of all kinds of games. This event will take place on 23, 24, 25 and 26 of April 2020. Although it is true that there is still a long way to go, it is never too early to have this data. The costs of the tickets are expected to be the following: General admission of 1 day at a price of €6 from the web and €8 at the box office, and there is a 4-day bonus at a price of €15 from the web or €20 from the box office.

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