ZEK K8 Home Large Suction Vacuum Cleaner Offered For $105.99

The ZEK K8 Home Large Suction Vacuum Cleaner is an amazing Vacuum Cleaner which comes with lots of features for a budget price. This vacuum cleaner goes for just $105.99 which is a very nice price for this kind of cleaner. We are shortly going to see its features, so you can decide whether you would like to get one or not.

ZEK K8 offers a powerful cleaning performance with a brushless motor spins up to 100,000 rpm. ZEK K8 suction power reaches 190 watts, which is quite considerate when talking about a vacuum cleaner lower than $110. With a 0.5L large dust chamber with HEPA filter, ZEK K8 will help you to remove mites, pollen, and allergens from your home. It helps to relieve the reaction of Allergies. The HEPA filter can be cleaned with the small brush supplied.

It comes in an L shape rail. The air volume is stronger, and the airflow can be accelerated while the heat dissipation motor can be accelerated to keep the stable. It also comes with a double motor and double roller brush.  This is a high-speed power roller brush that can absorb the hair of people and pets, deep into the gap, clean fine dust.

This lightweight cordless vacuum takes only 4.5 hours to charge fully. ZEK K8 weights only just 3.1 pounds / 1.46 kg in total, which would ensure very easy use. The lightweight makes it easy to maneuver. The ZEK K8 Home Large Suction Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $105.99

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