Xiaomi townew T1 Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can Offered For $96.99

We are so used to living among smart things: smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, etc. Now, we are reviewing a smart trash can. That’s right — having started out as an idea on a crowdfunding platform, the smart trash can is now a real product ready to appear in homes across the globe. However, are the smart features enough to make up for the hefty price tag? We are here to find out.

the design of Xiaomi’s smart trash

What exactly is a smart trash can?

Now, it’s easy to get the wrong idea here. Xiaomi’s smart trash can will not be taking the trash out for you (if that’s what you had in mind) nor will it recycle or help sort your throwables. There is no LED display at the top, no sound effects or any other high-tech upgrades. Instead, Xiaomi’s smart trash can focuses on the practical side of things. The main feature of the smart trash can is that the lid opens automatically when you are near – and this means that you won’t need to touch the teach van or even bend to dispose of the trash. But that’s not quite all of it. Let’s see what else the smart can has to offer.

Xiaomi smart trash can: does most of the work for you

Here are some main features of Xiaomi smart trash can.

Automatic lid opening

As mentioned above, this is one of the smart trash cans main features. Thanks to a smart sensor, the trash can will detect movement and approaching objects from the distance of up to 35cm and pop the lid up automatically. This is a handy feature in a number of ways or situations. First, it rids you of the need to actually open the lid manually – which, let’s admit it, is not most people enjoy doing. Plus, you won’t even have to bend to put the trash in the can, as it will sense you from 35cm away.

While this is quite a useful feature, it’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea when it comes to trash disposal. Pedal trash cans let you achieve pretty much the same result without having overpaying for the word “smart” in the title.

automatic lid opening

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airtight seal

Now , this is something most of us will appreciate. Bad odors coming from the trash can be a huge annoyance in a home. Plus, they will attract flies and other insects making it all even worse. Standard trash cans generally do a very good job of keeping your trash hidden, but often fail at keeping the odors sealed in. In this regard, Xiaomi trash cans sealing mechanism is a major plus.

Automatic waste packaging

Another helpful feature is that once the trash can is full, it will automatically seal the garbage in the waste bag, leaving it ready for you to take out. This is something definitely useful in the everyday, as you won’t have to get your hands dirty packing in the trash in the waste bag.

automatic waste packaging

Automatic bad replacement

While you are out taking the trash, your smart trash can will automatically put a new water bag in place. Once again, this is a great time saver that also rids you of trouble of cleaning up the trash can if you’ve thrown something in when the new bag was not yet in place.

automatic bad replacement

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This is pretty much it. Is it enough? This is a hard question to answer as we don’t have much to compare it to. There are just a few other smart trash cans on the market — and most of them are still in their crowdfunding stage. Some promise to have additional functionality enabled through an app that will tell you when you are about to run out if trash bags (yes, there will be an app for that) — but that’s basically as far as it goes.

Xiaomi smart trash can: blends into any design

To be honest, the first thing that attracted us to Xiaomi’s smart trash can were not its brains but its looks. Made entirely in matte beige, it’s actually a very good looking home appliance — and a very discreet one as well. The can is 40cm in height, weighs 3.5kg and has 15.5 litre capacity. Its ability to blend into any interior definitely makes for a strong selling point as Xiaomi’s smart trash can will look right at home in an office, studio or a designer home.

Xiaomi smart trash can mading entirely in matte beige

Xiaomi smart trash can: is it worth it?

In the end, however, it all comes down to the price. Even with a 33% discount, putting your trash into the smart self-opening device will cost you a cent short of $97. That’s quite a hefty price to pay for just the convenience of an automatic lid and bag replacement. Perhaps, in a few years, we will see smart trash cans in every home — but at this moment (and at these prices), we’d say that they mostly qualify as niche products for those who love their homes to be high-tech or are willing to pay extra for an interesting design.

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