i100 TWS vs i90 TWS – Which is a Better and Cheaper AirPods Clone?

With the i100 TWS AirPods making it’s way into the market, you might be already in a dilemma on whether to choose between the i100 TWS vs i90 TWS AirPods. Today at xiaomitoday we take the responsibility of helping you to make the right decision between these two amazing AirPods Clones.

i100 TWS vs i90 TWS AirPods: The specs

i100 TWS AirPods i90 TWS AirPods
Bluetooth Distance:
150-190 Foot
10-12 metres
Music Playback:
2-3 Hours
1.5-2 Hours
100 Hours
80 Hours

Should you buy the i100 TWS AirPods over the i90 TWS?

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Cut to the chase, the i100 TWS AirPods is the “Ultimate AirPods Clone”. This is for a lot of reasons. From the Wireless Charging Facility, to the seamless Bluetooth connection and the almost perfect audio quality. In-fact till date I never had the satisfaction of Audio Performance when it comes to “Fake AirPods”. But the i100 TWS AirPods has leveled up the game to offer the best of audio quality on any AirPods clone till date. They sound better and the battery lasts longer than before.

With all these goodness, there are still few metrics you need to consider before making your final decision on the i100 TWS vs i190 TWS AirPods.

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Better battery performance

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Considering the factors that I use to help me to choose a TWS earbud, the “battery” tops the chart. The i90 TWS AirPods has a pretty decent battery offerings. With the charging case you can charge up-to 4-5 times which further can give you up-to 1.5 – 2 Hours of max music playback.

The fact that I like about the i100 TWS AirPods is that eventhough they claim only 2 Hours of music playback on an average I got up-to 2-3 Hours of juice. After which it took me the same good old time of 1.3 hours to recharge back with the help of the charging bin. This is actually a huge leap considering that the i100 TWS costs the same as the i90 TWS AirPods. You know! That’s what these “Fake AirPods” tries to achieve. Best of tech for “Anyone & Everyone”.

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Music is better than ever before!

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We can’t ignore the fact that despite the price-tag we all anonymously want excellent audio performance. I’ve told this before and I would say it again. The AirPods weren’t built for the audiophiles, it is aimed at a productive lifestyle and so does these AirPods Clones. Keeping that aside, the i100 TWS shows a major leap in-terms of audio quality.

The i100 TWS or the i90 TWS AirPods Clone is for people who are athletes and commuters who put productivity and convenience over stellar audio performance. If you had already been using a “Fake AirPods”. With the i100 TWS AirPods Clone you are definitely going to feel and experience a drastic advancement in terms of Audio or Music Playback quality. The mids & the bass are balanced really well. Also, the vocals are well heard. If the fit would’ve been better, then this would’ve been a stellar audio performance. Unfortunately, that is the ergonomics of Apple’s Design. You can’t blame both the i90 TWS or the i100 TWS on this.

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OMG! The Bluetooth Range is Stellar.

I was mind-blown by the fact that even at almost 150 Foot away from my phone, I was still able to get seamless connectivity with the i100 TWS. Whereas the i90 TWS starts fading around 120 Foot. Which means you can have seamless music anywhere around your house with the i100 TWS AirPods.

Also the microphone hardware has been upgraded. With better and stable bluetooth connectivity paired up with better microphone hardware, the i100 TWS AirPods offers better voice quality. It picks up your voice more clearly and transmits them without any interruptions or lags. Also the pairing process on the i100 TWS AirPods is exactly the same as the Original AirPods.

Conclusion: i100 TWS vs i90 TWS AirPods

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Considering all of this, we can clearly see that the i100 TWS AirPods is a much improved version of “AirPods Clones” when compared to the i10, i60, i30 or even the i90 TWS AirPods. Surprisingly all of these goodness hasn’t hiked the price. You still get the i100 TWS AirPods at just $24.33. Which is almost the same as the i90 TWS AirPods. Also there is a Flash Sale going on Gearbest, with which you can purchase the i100 TWS AirPods for just $19.99. Anyways do share your views on the comment section below and do let us know which would be your ideal choice between the – i100 TWS vs i90 TWS AirPods.

i100 TWS Airpods 2 Clone


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Buy i90 TWS Airpods [Flash Sale]

Price: $19.99 (Flash Sale)

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