i100 TWS AirPods Clone: Perfect in Every Way! [Best Fake AirPods]

Is it Worth Buying the i100 TWS AirPods Clone?

We’ve reviewed a lot of Fake AirPods here on xiaomitoday. In that line-up, today I would like to introduce you to the all new i100 TWS AirPods. Initially when the idea of AirPods Clones came out, I thought it was just another scam. But fast forward a year now, that’s not the case. Cut-short, the “Fake AirPods” are an attempt to bring the Exact AirPods Experience for “anyone and everyone”. It’s all about making the best of tech, affordable!

Design of the i100 TWS AirPods

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

I still can’t believe how precisely the Clone Manufacturers can replicate the Original AirPods. It is not only implemented on the earbuds but even with the packaging. From the front-cover to the placement of the internals like the lightning cable. If you hold the i100 TWS and the original AirPods on both hands, you might be able to notice that both the Earbuds weigh exactly the same. Which is pretty impressive and it’s definitely going to be hard to find which is “Fake” with just the touch or looks.

The i100 TWS AirPods Clone carries forward the same aesthetics and ergonomics as the Original Apple Airpods. It has amazing build quality and there is no way you can feel it’s a cheap replica. You also get this very satisfying magnet which helps you to close the charging bin just like the Original AirPods.

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

Off the charging bin, you get to the hero of the show. The i100 TWS Earbuds themselves. They look super identical to the Original Apple AirPods. The in-ear proximity sensor is carried forward to the i100 TWS AirPods too. Which means you can pause or play the music just by plugging the Earbuds in and out of your ears. This feature was seen on the i90 TWS, but it was kind of buggy. Guess what! The in-ear detection is so seamless on the i100 TWS AirPods.

Cut-short it embodies the exact same size and weight of the Original Apple AirPods. This is the utmost Perfect AirPod Replica till date!

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Pop-up Animation!

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

First of all you don’t have to worry about the i100 TWS pairing up with an Android Device. The i100 TWS AirPods Clone comes with Bluetooth v5.0. Which means it can pair with any device that has a bluetooth internal. Now let’s talk about the cool stuff. The pairing process is exactly the same as the Original Apple AirPods. All you have to do is navigate to your homescreen and bring the airpods close to your iPhone. Just pop the lid and Kaboom! You get the super cool AirPods animation on your iPhone.

Further just follow the instructions and it will get you paired-up in seconds. Also, it is pretty disappointing that Android users won’t get to see this animation on their devices. Also remember that if you own an Apple Watch, then this process will also get the AirPods connected to your Watch. Which means you can switch back and forth between your iPhone and your Apple Watch to use the i100 TWS AirPods.

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Mind-Blowing Connectivity Range

With the i90 TWS the battery levels weren’t shown when the earbuds were dragged into pairing mode. This problem has been solved with the i100 TWS AirPods. While pairing the i100 TWS you get to see the battery level of both the earbuds and the charging bin individually on the popup animation. This is a feature we all had been waiting to see on a AirPods Clone.

Also hey! It doesn’t stop there. You also get to see the battery level of each earbud individually. I was swept-off by the fact that I was able to stay 150 foot away from my phone and the Earbuds performed seamlessly. Interruptions started occurring only around 190 foot. After that the music started fading out. This range is actually good considering the price tag it’s being offered at.

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Let’s talk Audio Quality!

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

Let me put it straight, “They have finally done it”. In-fact I never thought this day would ever come. The clone manufacturers have achieved to offer the very same audio performance that you get on the original AirPods. Definitely the i100 TWS AirPods is not better than the Original AirPods in terms of audio quality. But damn! It offers the same level of audio performance just like the Original AirPods.

With the i100 TWS AirPods you can use them in both stereo or mono modes. Which means you can use the earbuds individually while the other is charging or both together in stereo mode. You also get the ergonomics of the Original AirPods. The Beam-forming microphone works effectively by picking up your voice clearer than ever before. To be truthful, just like the Original AirPods even the i100 TWS fails to perform in a crowded environment. It is a device focused for productivity and not for audiophiles. They have a reasonable amount of bass and the mids are well balanced. The audio quality is definitely better than the other AirPods clones.

Should you buy the i100 TWS AirPods?

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

One important improvement on the i100 TWS is its battery performance. The charging bin of the i100 TWS AirPods can charge the earbuds up-to 5 times. We tested the earbuds with some podcasts and EDMs. With which we got up-to 2.3 hours of uninterrupted music playback. Also guess what you get “wireless charging”. The day has finally come that I can say “The Perfect AirPod Clone Exists”! All of these goodness comes at just $21.98 and also offers the best of tech. The i100 TWS AirPods aims to offer the best of AirPods clone Experience at the most affordable price tag. Anyways do let us know your thoughts about the i100 TWS AirPods on the comment section below.

i100 TWS Airpods 2 Clone


Sale Price: $17.99 (Flash Sale)


Bluetooth Distance: 150 Foot
Waterproof: YES
Battery Life: 4 Hours of Play Back
Touch Control: YES
Wireless Charging: YES
Stand-By time: 100 Hour
Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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