i90 TWS vs i60 TWS – Which is a Better AirPods Clone?

Is it worth Buying the i90 AirPods?

We have been constantly seeing a lot of AirPods Clones being released. Surprisingly each one being better than the other. In that line-up we’ve the all new i90 TWS AirPods. Today we are going to test it against the recent Best AirPods Clone – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS AirPods.

It’s been more than 2 years since the very first AirPods were introduced and this year the TWS market has been leveled up with the addition of the new and better Apple AirPods 2. Since then there has been a drastic competition in replicating the latest AirPods iteration. The i90 TWS AirPods is one another AirPods Clone that is trying to be a cheaper alternative to the Original AirPods 2.

i90 vs i60 TWS Airpods – The Clone War!

Let’s talk Design – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS

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With the i90 TWS & i60 TWS, the manufacturers have successfully attained the “Ultimate Replica”. Carrying the same design as the Apple AirPods, these earphones are compatible with both Android & iOS. Also guess what! The design is so perfect, so that even the clone earbuds can fit perfectly into the charging bin of the Original Apple AirPods. The i90 TWS and the i60 TWS AirPods looks super identical to the Orignal AirPods.

Although when it comes to weight of the charging bin with the earbuds, the i90 takes the win. In-fact I wasn’t able to tell the difference in terms of weight while holding both the Original Apple AirPods and the i90 TWS. I like the fact that we are getting much closer to a near Perfect AirPods Replica.

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Audio Quality – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS

You have to put in a lot of metrics when it comes to testing the Audio Performance. The Audio Quality is not the strong attire for both these Earbuds when comparing to other TWS Earbuds in the same price range. In-Fact that’s the same case when it comes to the Original AirPods itself. AirPods were introduced in order to leverage productivity of a user. Their motive has never been about leading the Audio Performance segment. The i60 & i90 TWS achieves the same without a doubt.

If I had to choose between the i90 TWS AirPods or the i60 TWS AirPods, then I would gladly go with the i90 TWS. The i90 TWS is by far the Best AirPod Clone that does some justice for the bass. Even the lows and vocals were well heard. Although the mids weren’t calibrated well.

Connectivity & User Experience – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS

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I always thought even if they could replicate the design, when it comes to software integration I never thought its going to be as good as the Original AirPods. But Guess what! The legacy is shattered, the genius clone manufacturers have pulled off the exact experience you get with the Original Airpods onto both the i90 TWS AirPods & the i60 TWS. Connecting these Fake AirPods with the iPhone is super convenient. Just like the Original AirPods have to pop-open the i60 TWS or i90 TWS in-order to get into the pairing mode. As soon as you pop-open the lid, you get this super cool AirPods animation. Although I was able find some lag with the i60 TWS, whereas the i90 TWS was detected by the iPhone faster.

Photo Credits – Happy Riders [YT]

Although there was an issue with the i90 TWS pop-up animation. It kept disappearing every time it popped up, whereas the i60 TWS showed the battery level and other details. The i90 TWS comes with smart sensors or proximity sensors like the Original AirPods. These sensors are introduced into the i90 TWS in order to achieve in-ear detection like the Original Apple AirPods. So now you can pauses and play music just by plugging the earbuds out of your ears. Isn’t that super cool? A feature that we never thought we would see on a Fake AirPods.

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Battery – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS

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The battery performance is almost the same on both the i60 TWS and the i90 TWS. Both the earbuds were able to charge the earbuds almost 3-4 times. Although on testing the earbuds on full charge I was able to get only 1.5 Hours of music playback on the i60 TWS, whereas the i90 TWS gave straight 2 Hours of music playback. This is a decent battery performance by the i90 TWS AirPods considering that it is a under $30 True Wireless Earbud.

Verdict – i90 TWS vs i60 TWS AirPods

It’s a hard tie between the i60 TWS and the i90 TWS. Although it’s time for sharing the throne!

The i60 TWS AirPods supports wireless charging like the original AirPods 2 while the i90 TWS AirPods don’t support wireless charging. Although when it comes to connectivity range and experience the i90 TWS takes the win. Both these Earbuds almost are extremely identical in many aspects. While the i60 TWS turns out to have the most precise physical replication with the Original AirPods when comparing with the i90 TWS AirPods. currently you can purchase the i90 TWS on gearbest for just

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