QCY T1 PRO vs T1C: Which is the Best Wireless Earbud?

Comparing the QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T1C

As truly wireless earbuds, the QCY T1 Pro and QCY T1C are similar in many aspects. I’ve been switching between these two earbuds for almost a week now and I must say that the QCY T1 Pro turns out to be extremely impressive. In today’s article we are going to talk on why or how the QCY T1 Pro turns out to be better than the QCY T1C. We are going to put in a lot of metrics to choose a winner in this battle of QCY T1 PRO vs T1C.

There are few devices that I absolutely cherish and I must say that the Truely wireless Earbuds is one such technology that has made a huge impact in my life. It has completely given a new dimension to the experience of hands-free or “tangle-free” music. Once you shift to a TWS Earbud, I can assure you that you would never ever shift back to the wired ones even if they promise to give you better audio performance. As this True Wireless technology puts “ultimate” convenience over everything else. That’s exactly what the QCY T1 Pro and the QCY T1C tries to bring to the table.

Today we’re going to do a full comparison between the QCY T1 Pro vs T1C and help you make the absolute decision of choosing the Best Wireless Earbud. So here goes into the QCY T1C vs QCY T1 Pro!

QCY T1 Pro vs T1C – A Comparison

The naming might seem similar, but just like any other comparison, the QCY T1 Pro vs T1C requires much more than similar names for a clear winner. A deep comparison is required as both are coming from the same company.

Let’s talk Noise isolation!

This is one of the ultimate metrics that I use in order to choose a “perfect” earbud. Noise isolation is the ultimate form factor that can decide to whether or whether not give you the “immersive experience”. You might be an audiophile or a regular listener, either way “Noise-Isolation” makes your experience much immersive and better.

The noise isolation on the QCY T1 Pro is comparatively better. In-fact it is much better than most of the average priced earphones. Yes! Definitely its not complete “Noise Cancellation” like the Microsoft Surface headphones. For the price it does perfect justice. You will find the difference of the surrounding noise subsiding the very moment you put on the earbuds.

What about Sound Quality? [QCY T1 Pro vs T1C]

First of all let me put it straight. Both these Earbuds offer great, clear and rich sound production. But that doesn’t mean it’s a tie. The QCY T1 Pro brings out enriched audio experience with minimal to no sound leakage experience. I was absolutely impressed by the fact that an under $50 earbud can offer incredibly low sound leakage. This is one major reason I will actually prefer the QCY T1 Pro in terms of sound quality when compared to the T1C.

The lower mids and vocals are subtle. With the Mids being balanced and not become excessively warm. This is the good part but the bad one is that both the Earbuds doesn’t offer satisfied Bass Performance. It’s definitely not bad but just not up-to the mark. On the other hand, the QCY T1C offers a similar experience with all the balance in audio output. Putting all this into consideration, the QCY T1 Pro takes another win!

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Design is important! [QCY T1 Pro vs T1C]

The QCY T1 Pro sports a square design with the earbuds on the bottom. A small hook is also present on the top. The hook acts in a different manner than most TWS earphones. While the orthodox use of the hook is to ensure the earbud stays on the ear with a clasp like hold, the T1 Pro holds onto the top of the ear to ensure it doesn’t fall off. Now lets take a moment to appreciate the looks of the charging bin provided with the QCY T1 Pro. It is just beautiful and highly accessible. Which is really impressive!

The T1C Mini comes with a more traditional rectangular design that has the earbud thrusting out on one side. This is a design that has been seen everywhere. The T1C doesn’t have any hook adoring its design. The T1C counts on its own features and doesn’t require an extra hook for holding onto the ear. Both of these earbuds has the controls on the back of the earbud. They both are clicky and doesn’t cause much pressure on your ear-lobe.

In terms of the design of the QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T1C, there’s only one winner. The QCY T1 Pro sweeps it off with a modern and compelling design.

Comfort: QCY T1 Pro vs T1C

There’s not much to be compared here between the QCY T1 Pro vs T1C as it’s directly derived from the design. The T1 Pro brings a lot of comfort with its sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing. The hook is an added bonus. On the other hand, the T1C is a pretty normal fit with nothing special to add on as a comfortable plus. A comfortable win for the T1 Pro in terms of comfort as QCY T1 Pro vs T1C requires a winner with added features and not a general old comfort level.

The normal fit loses of the T1C out to the extra comfortable T1 Pro. That’s all there’s to be said in terms of the comfort for QCY T1 Pro vs QCY T1C.

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Verdict: QCY T1 Pro vs T1C

Since both devices come from the same parent company, the question of which has a better battery doesn’t arise. While some changes in design and other aspects are seen, the battery life and charging time is the same. Such aspects make this a difficult one to decide.

Comparing the results of QCY T1 Pro vs T1C by each aspect makes it easier to give a verdict. With design and comfort on the court of the QCY T1 Pro. The BASS was a plus point when it comes to the QCY T1C, that too by a small margin. This easily shows that with a small difference, it is the QCY T1 Pro that has won between the QCY T1 Pro vs T1C. Both these Earbuds are on super deal and Flash sale on Gearbest. Currently you can purchase the QCY T1 Pro for $33.99 and the QCY T1C for just $17.99.

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