Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods: SCAM or BOON?

Let's talk Fake AirPods vs AirPods

Being a music enthusiast, the device I listen from matters the most. I was honestly surprised when I first came across the concept of Fake AirPods. The best thing i admire about these AirPod Knockoffs is the quality and the price-tag it offers. Let’s talk the obvious thing, you’re not spending $200 on a freaking wireless earbud. The practical applications of a True Wireless Earbud has always been about convenience that helps you to stay fit and on the counterpart stay productive with your work. Spending $150 or a $200 on a TWS might seem outrageous for a wide range of audience. Hence we decided to talk on: Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods!

It’s almost 2 years since the Original AirPods came out and every other month a Perfect Replica keeps coming out and it just doesn’t feel to suffice enough. It keeps getting better in someway or the other. So today we’re going to talk about the obvious reasons why anybody would buy a Fake Apple AirPods over the Original Apple AirPods. Also at the end of this article I will leave a link to some of the Best Fake AirPods you can buy right now. This is going to be the ultimate battle of the Fake AirPods vs AirPods!

Are Fake AirPods Worth it?

Damn! They are and here’s why?

i30 TWS AirPods, Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

Few years back when Fake AirPods were just blooming, I would’ve definitely recommended you to go for the Original AirPods because of its integrated W1 Chip but now with the introduction of the H1 Chip-set, everything has changed! AirPods has never been about music, it has always been about convenience and productive lifestyle. I just can’t believe how far these Chinese Manufacturers have gone to replicate the internal software integration. The latest iteration to the Fake AirPods Lineup, the i60 TWS, i30 TWS and the Super AirPods Clone all of these host the new H1 Chipset. With the help of the brand new H1 Chipset now even the Fake AirPods offers the “Original AirPods Experience”.

Best Fake AirPods, Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

Just like Original AirPods the pairing process has been super smooth on the Fake AirPods too. You just have to pop open the charging case and then an animation appears on your iPhone. Further just hit connect and you’re done. I am still mind-blown by the fact that the Chinese manufacturers were able to pull this off with their AirPod replica’s. Also a short note is that, the Fake Apple AirPods can work with any device from any platform from Android to iOS, as long it supports bluetooth. With the perfection that these Fake AirPods have achieved, the battle of Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods has become intense!

$200 on a TWS Earbud seems outrageous!

Fake AirPods, Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

I remember watching this video with the title “AirPods are not made for the poor”. I’m just so glad that the Apple Replicas exist. I hate when people copy great innovations, but when they can be copied and made accessible to every human then that somehow seems right. I’ve come across Fake AirPods as cheap as $18 and still seem to serve my purpose.

Apple AirPods were the first one to introduce the breed of true wireless earbuds and make a market for itself. Also still remains as the most talked TWS in the market. The Hype of the 2019 AirPods were way high but didn’t failed to show any major leap in-terms of spec and at the same-time they didn’t miss to double its price (“Apple Products”, Need not say more!). The only noticeable upgrade with the “New AirPods 2019” was the wireless charging feature. Doubling the price for no major upgrade made people rely on the Fake AirPods rather than the Original AirPods.

AirPods Copy, Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

Eventhough the Fake AirPods are super cheap when compared to the New AirPods or the Apple AirPods 2, I guess they share the same overall user capital share. Who wouldn’t buy a Fake AirPods which almost near “Original AirPods experience” with Wireless Charging and under the $50. This is a deal breaker! The i60 TWS is priced at just $21.99 and offers wireless charging with integrated H1 Chip. The price is one of the biggest reasons that the war between the Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods has just leveled up!

Fake AirPods delivers innovation at a price tag that fits in your budget.

Currently the Best Fake AirPods you can buy:

i60 TWS AirPods Clone: The Latest & The Best

i60 TWS AirPods, Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

The latest add-on to the never ending Apple Knockoffs is the all new “i60 AirPods” from the manufactures of the best-selling Fake Airpods – the i10 and the i12 TWS. Currently it is the most perfect rip-off of the Real Apple AirPods. Originally sold at $21.99 and sometimes drops to a flash sale of just $19.99. Possibly the most Affordable Fake AirPods. With 3-4 Hours of music Playback, along with 3 times further charging with the charging bin, wireless charging support, and near perfect “Real AirPods” design that makes the i60 TWS AirPods a great choice at this moment.

The device comes with the H1 Chipset which means you are going to be intrigued with the “Original AirPod Experience”. If you’re on a hunt to find the Best Fake AirPods, then the i60 TWS is a deal-breaker and a great choice.

Buy i60 TWS Airpods [Flash Sale]

Price: $21.99

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So are the Fake AirPods worth it? | Fake AirPods vs Real AirPods

Rolling back few months the Fake AirPods had a lot of issues. From Battery Life, Size, User Experience and Quick Connect. Fast-forward few months, the genius knockoff manufacturers have successfully reverse engineered the “Real AirPods”. To deliver the most perfect Rip-Off. There is no more worries of Quick Connect and Battery Life. Also guess what! The buds on the Fake AirPods can fit in the charging case of the Real AirPods. That shows the perfection level these manufacturers have achieved. Considering the price and the deliverable or offerings, I can assure you that the Fake AirPods are as good as the Real Apple AirPods but fortunately at a price that fits in your pocket.

Anyways we hope that you liked our article on the battle of this generation – Fake AirPods vs AirPods! Do share your thoughts and views on whether you would ever buy a Fake AirPods or not. On the other hand if you’re interested to buy some of these AirPod Replicas, then head on-to the following article: Best AirPod Clones that are Worth Buying (2019).

Fake AirPods are a boon to humanity. Making the best of technology accessible to anyone and everyone.

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