i30 TWS AirPods Clone: Should you buy these Fake AirPods?

Is it worth buying the i30 AirPods?

Today we’re going to talk about the all new i30 TWS AirPods. While Bluetooth earphones were still a norm, the launch of the Truly Wireless Earbuds was a wonderful thing which was never seen before. The AirPods were the first TWS earphones in the market, but for many, they never were the first choice. Yes, the AirPods had a lot of quality, but it came with a huge price tag on it. The hesitation of the average customer to buy a TWS earphone at such costs encouraged many companies to come up with their knockoffs of the AirPods. This paved way to few Chinese manufacturers to perfect the the actual design, quality and even the experience of the Original Apple AirPods to win in the replica game. One recent launch in the market is the i30 TWS AirPods.

The i30 Bluetooth earphones is among many products in the TWS earphone category. Other than just being one of many, it shares two similarities with many products sold under that broad range. The i30 TWS AirPods is among multiple AirPod clones sold and falls in a price range that is overflowing with such products. Such a variety of options will make customers look for what stands out among these products as well as make sure they are getting the most out of the money. If one product isn’t good enough, there are many more to look into. For such scenarios, here’s why the i30 TWS AirPods is worth the purchase.

Why not to miss the i30 TWS AirPods

Elegantly Designed

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Sporting a rounded charging case that houses the earphones, the i30 TWS AirPods looks quite similar to the AirPods. The i30 Bluetooth earphones have the same size and dimensions of the AirPods. This is a winning aspect in the replica game as many products don’t mirror the dimensions of the AirPods. The charging case also looks similar, with a sturdy finish. The care and precise design of the charging case make sure that the hinges won’t become loose after a while. The neat click that is heard when closing the case ensures the same. The i30 TWS AirPods come with an incredible lightning cable that looks like it was cloned off from Apple. They also connect with it beautifully.

With just a single button on the i30 TWS AirPods charging case, it is designed with the operating ease kept in mind. Instead of sheepishly clicking on any pairing button on the earpod, a simple click on the button on the case is enough to power the i30 Bluetooth earphones on. This is way better than many other AirPod clones which have buttons on the earpods which make it difficult to switch on and off every time.

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Other than the design which looks good, comfort and stability while worn on the ear are also to be checked. The i30 TWS AirPods takes care of that aspect as well. Once kept in the ear, it stays there in a snug manner. The earpods don’t come off unless pulled out. This is a great thing to note for the i30 Bluetooth earphones which come at one-third the cost of the AirPods.

Designed elegantly, i30 TWS AirPods comes in a stable and comfortable design, with a simple switching on technique.

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Quick to the Connect: i30 TWS AirPods

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With Bluetooth 5.0, the i30 Bluetooth earphones connect swiftly to any Bluetooth enabled device without any hassles or time lag. It is also done swiftly due to the presence of a newly implemented technology in the earpods. A W1 chip is embedded into the i30 TWS AirPods. This chip speeds up the connection process for the i30 Bluetooth earphones. Once the i30 TWS earphones are switched on in the vicinity of a Bluetooth enabled device, a pop-up button appears on the screen. This pop-up asks whether you want to connect to the earphones or not. If the yes button is clicked, the phone is connected to the i30 TWS AirPods.

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Easily Usable

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The i30 TWS AirPods brings about a lovable treat for audiophiles who love clinging to their bass. Being Bass Synchronised, the i30 Bluetooth earphones don’t disappoint. It gives an experience that’s memorable for the bass. Earphones aren’t only meant for the music and games, but many people look onto them as a replacement for keeping phones pressed onto their ears. With such usage in mind, the i30 TWS AirPods come with a mic on each earpod. Clear and precisely engineered, the i30 Bluetooth earphones is a device that handles communications via call in a simple manner.

The i30 TWS AirPods is a master at handling functions via touch gestures on its earpods. With the same features of song selection, volume control, music playback and picking up a call, the i30 Bluetooth AirPods does a good job of a fake AirPod. These are all done with simple touches.

Battery that Backs You Up

The i30 TWS AirPods comes with 4 hours of music playback on a single charge. With the AirPods clocking in at 5 hours, the i30 is a good choice for a fake AirPod. The i30 has a good LED indicator that doesn’t confuse things up. A red light is present while being charged which turns blue when completed. No confusions are onboard with the i30 Bluetooth earphones.

So is the i30 AirPods Worth Buying?

Considering that we’ve entered the era of “NO HEADPHONE JACK”, and with customers demanding freedom to move around without having to deal with tangled cables. TWS Earbuds have become the ideal choice. If you’re a person who puts productivity over audio performance, then the i30 AirPods is a perfect choice. Currently the i30 TWS is on a flash sale and you can purchase the earbuds for just $28.99 on Gearbest.

Buy i30 TWS AirPods (Flash Deal):

Offer Price: $28.99


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres
Music Time: 3-4 hours
Standby: 100 hours
Battery: Each Earbud has 50mah battery and the charging cabin 400mah
Bluetooth: V5.0

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Price: $21.99

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