i60 TWS Airpods: Is it Worth Buying?

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The arrival of AirPods has changed the earphone market quite drastically. Which has forever changed the nature of the earphone market. The high cost at which The AirPods are sold gives an opportunity for tiny companies, especially Chinese to come up with their knockoffs and replicas of the AirPods (Fake Airpods) for cheaper rates. The i60 TWS AirPods is one of the latest additions to the never-ending replica line.

With many options in such a cheap price bracket, one needs to look at what’s extra in each product before buying them. The same is the case with the i60 TWS. Customers would be looking around to know what gives each product the extra punch for them to buy it. Here are a few reasons why the i60 TWS AirPods make the cut as one device to buy in this price range.

Should you buy the i60 TWS Bluetooth AirPods?

Simple and Powerful Design

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The i60 TWS AirPods comes with a design similar to AirPods. The size is similarly small so that it fits in one’s hand. The earbuds are designed in a wonderful manner with rounded edges and a pristine white finish. One of the best things of the case of the i60 TWS is that it has a sturdy finish, unlike some other AirPod replicas. This sturdy finish makes sure that the hinges won’t become loose after some time. The lightning cable that comes along with the i60 TWS AirPods are the real deal and are quite similar to the original ones by Apple.

Another good thing about the i60 TWS AirPods is that it comes with no button or controller on the case. This removes the hassle of powering and switching on the device for every use. Simply popping the case open is enough to switch it on. Closing the case switches the earbuds off. This eliminates the trouble of clicking a small power button and making sure it has been turned on and off for every single use.

The i60 TWS AirPods is designed with comfort in mind. The earbuds are a perfect fit in the ear. This is a wonderful design for a device that is priced one-third at how much the AirPods is sold at.

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Smooth Usage with Ease on the i60 Bluetooth Earphone

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The i60 TWS AirPods uses an H1 chip. This chip controls the pop-up screen on the phone. This provides a simple action to connect the i60 TWS with the phone. Once the case is popped open in front of a Bluetooth enabled phone, a pop-up screen is displayed in the phone asking for permission to connect. This feature is automatically synced to your phone and no previous connection is needed.

The i60 TWS AirPods has the three basic functions as seen in the Apple AirPods. With a tap or two on the right or left earpod, control of music playback, volume and song selection is possible. The controls do take a small while to get used to, but after the initial adjustments, users are in full control with the i60 Bluetooth Earphone. Calling the voice assistant and picking up of calls can also be done with the i60 TWS without using the phone.

The i60 TWS AirPods offer a smooth bass filled experience without any difficulties.

Answering calls with ease is high on the basic checklist for any TWS earphone and the i60 TWS AirPods takes care of it with complete care. One of the main requirements that audiophiles look in any audio product is a good bass system. The i60 TWS AirPods is a winner in that area with the Bass Synchronized system present in it. You don’t have to go looking anywhere else for that extra bass.

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Single Earphone to the Win

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Situations do occur when using both earphones may not be possible or just tiresome with an ear paining or so. The i60 TWS AirPods has the perfect solution for that. Be it phone calls or just listening to your favourite jam, the i60 TWS can work on just one earpod without relying on the other for perfect compatibility. The presence of a mic on both earpods helps to do this seamlessly and can be used even in such situations.

The Powered up Battery on these Fake AirPods

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The i60 TWS AirPods comes with a wonderful 4 hours of battery life which can be charged by keeping the earpods back in the case. The case supports a few charges for the earpods.

Other than the usual charging case as seen in wireless earphones, what makes the i60 TWS AirPods a winner is its wireless charging capability. Unlike many earphones who make wireless charging a confusion with the multiple lights on the cases, the i60 TWS takes a simple approach. While charging with a wireless charger, a red notification color is shown and it turns blue when completely charged. This simplicity makes the i60 TWS a good to go for wireless charging.

Wireless charging with 4 hours of battery life gives a good name for the i60 TWS.

Cheap for the Deal

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Originally sold at $25.46 and now available at $19.99 at a Flash Sale on Gearbest, the i60 Bluetooth Earphone is as cheap as they come. Costing miles below the AirPods, the i60 TWS promises and delivers on a lot of features as an AirPods clone at this amazing rate.

For anyone who feels that the AirPods is costly and looking for the “Best Fake AirPods” or replicas then the i60 TWS AirPods is one great offer at the market. With wireless charging, a great design, smooth usage and more, customers don’t need to look away from the i60 TWS as it is a deal-breaker and a great choice.

Buy i60 TWS Airpods [Flash Sale]

Price: $21.99

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Bluetooth Distance: 10-12 metres
Music Time: 2-3H
Standby: 60 hours
Bluetooth: V5.0

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Price: $19.99

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