Best Airpod Clones (Airpods Alternative) on Gearbest (June 2019)

Like originals, the clones of airpods also have attracted the market in the true sense. They are offering the best options to the users not eligible to pay higher prices for Apple airpods etc.

In this guide extract, I will present in front of you the best airpod clones with all the specifications the originals carry. It is not an easy chore to find an identical product. But here you will get prescribed information along with their pros and cons.

Underneath is the list of the best airpod identical devices. All these airpod knockoffs have similar features and performance. The best part is the difference between their price tags.

Are the clone devices worth buying? After reviewing their technical points, you will be assured to have these gadgets if you are facing limited budget issues.

So, let’s move ahead and take a view on a few of the best airpod clones in 2019.

Best Airpods Clones 2019:

I200 TWS

The best airpod clones of 2019, that we have got till now are I200 TWS. The i200 tws airpods comes with pop up Window and full actual power. It is capable to pair with any Bluetooth-enables device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, PC etc.).

These I200 TWS airpods has smart sensor technology. Device works also with the light touch on the air pods. The range of the device is 23-30m. This is very light weighted device and it is very easy to carry your pocket. They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out.

The port of the device is lightning. During call airpods gives attractable look to the ears. This airpods can easily adjustable under the turban and this comes in white color. White color is best combination of the Airpods. This device has light touch button for on and off the airpods.

I500 TWS

These earphone comes with Open cover pop-up window. This has Automatic pairing system. I500 TWS contains Noise reduction, HD call, left and right channel separation and stereo surround bass system. You can wear this earphone in summer season and with the sweat they don’t damage because this has sweat proof system. I500 TWS provides you unparalleled CD-like sound quality which gives you super bass. This earphone improves 50% gaming latency.

i500 airpods

This earphone has H1 Chipset which is best to connecting with any Bluetooth. This includes Bluetooth (5.0) for pairing and compatible with HTC, M9, i-PAD, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung etc. During Bluetooth connectivity I500 TWS gives smooth call answering, you can listens song, watching movies. You can also reject the phone calls during Bluetooth connectivity. Connectivity helps when you on driving and you don’t hold the smartphone, then I500 earphone helps you to take calls without any cable. Bluetooth is capable to capture form 12 meters range.

i12 TWS Airpods Clone

The i12 TWS is the successor of the i10 TWS airpods. At the time of the launch, the i10 gained a huge popularity and won the tag to be the best airpod clone of Apple airpods.

But when i12 TWS hit the market with improved features, it was successful in being the star of each eye. Against Apple airpods, the i12 TWS airpod clone carries a great bunch of features of the latest time.

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Best airpod clones

The i12 TWS clone headphone uses a Reychem 5.0 chipset to generate a fabulous music excitement. Moreover, the i12 is installed with a 35 mAh battery in each of the earphone. The battery can make the system run for at least 2 to 3 hours on music.

Further, the touch control system is awesome. Double tap the right pod to boost the volume up and tap the left earphone to decrease the volume.

The i12 is fully-compatible to Android, Microsoft and IOS devices wirelessly. For connectivity, the i12 Airpod clone has Bluetooth 5.0 version and weighs only at 80g.


Amazing Sound Quality

Reychem 5.0 Chipset System

Portable and Lightweight


It takes 1 hour to get a full charge

Little disturbance while playing no music

i10 TWS Airpods

As we have seen above, it is the predecessor of the i12 TWS. It has achieved the top ranks in the best airpods clones list with great wireless charging features.

In fact, it is the only headset of its time with wireless charging facility. If you are on a hunt for the cheap and productive airpod clone, you can go for it with respect to the amazing price tag.

Best airpod clones

The company also have been attempted to design a replica of the Apple airpods with the i7 and i9 models. But i10 is exceptionally close to the Apple airpods and makes the people think it the Apple airpods.

The i10 TWS airpods is powered by a Bluetooth 5.0 and compatible with wireless charging technology.


Exceptional Sound Quality

Touch Control

Wireless Charging

Support Audiophiles


Lower Battery Run

F10 TWS Airpod Clones

F10 is specially designed for sportspersons with a Sweatproof and waterproof feature. Further, it provides a 10m transmission range and compatible with all Bluetooth gadgets.

Surprisingly, it is the sole device in the list of the best airpods clones, which is not manufactured by the i12 producers.

Best airpod clones

Correspondingly, it keeps on occupying the moderate replication and focuses for sports enthusiasts.

The F10 airpods clone has an in-built microphone to give you the hand-free communication experience.

The Bluetooth 4.2 is configured in F10 along with a 50 mAh in-built battery. It will give you a 2-hour music time on a single charge.


Quick paring Time

Exceptional design to adjust in the ears properly

Standby time: 8-10 days

2-hour music playback time


Average Microphone

i10s / iXs TWS Airpods

Clone airpods are overtaking the market and I-series is the best option to buy the products. The clone headphones are worth buying at the cheapest rates without compromising quality aspect.

The i10s is another invention by the manufacturer to keep the list on for the customers. It has half of the price of the i12 TWS headset.

The i10s provides 2-3 hours of music playback which is impressive and appreciable. Also, the device needs only one hour to get the battery full of power. A 5.0 Bluetooth version is there with the i10s airpod clone headphone.

Moreover, the i10s also carries noise cancellation technology and calls can be done smoothly.


Quick charging system

Stunning audio quality

Low power consumption

DSP Noise cancellation technology


Average Microphone

I13 TWS Airpods

Well, the i13 TWS is the next knockoffs by the same company to hit Apple airpods from the other side. It is rare to see the majority of the products in the list of the best airpod clones from a single manufacturer.

The TWS introduced another item to replicate Apple airpods with plenty of similar features. With the little price up, the headphones are expected to be the best airpod clones with audio-video sync issue.

Furthermore, the i13 TWS sticks to the list with its simple and friendly usability. Along with, there is a Bluetooth version 5.0 to consolidate wireless connectivity.

The charging case of the i9X adopts a 300 mAh battery to serve the headphones long-lasting. Each earbud separately has 35 mAh battery. Accordingly, it can throw 6-7 hours of music playback time. Additionally, the i13 headphones can attach to the gadgets from the distance of 10m.


Good noise reduction technology

Binaural talk

Stunning battery life

Excellent sound quality


Average Microphone

I14 TWS Airpods

Therefore, we have i14 TWS Airpods in the list with a quite low price tag. It may be the best airpod clone with astonishing features like touch operation, last call back option, noise-cancelling, remind call number, song switching, quick boot and pairing etc.

The storage box can adopt a huge power volume of 400 mAh. Similarly, it has 5.0 Bluetooth version to ensure unbeatable wireless connectivity from the distance of 10m.

The i14 TWS Airpods carries advanced features against their successors and confirms its spot in the top clone airpods.


Good battery life

Convenient to use

Automatic pairing

Showing power capacity on the phone

Voice prompt technology


Average Microphone


Finally, we can say that users also have an option to enjoy replicate airpod clones at cheap prices. No doubt, i1200 TWS is at the top of the list with the best features at a lower price tag.

Music lovers always find to have a suitable airpods containing Apple airpod specifications. Because of the budget issues, not everyone is eligible to buy Apple airpods. Therefore, one can go through these devices to enjoy top-class qualities at least prices.

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