Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector now available for $499.99

When it comes to purchasing a projector, you have to be very careful because this is one device that is very useful in different environments. However, there are some products that are designed to fit into all environment that is to say, whether you need them for personal home use, public viewing, conference halls, schools, churches or other environments, they perfectly fit in. The Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector is one projector that fits into multiple environments.

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Design & Appearance

The design of the 3500 Lumens Laser Projector is very durable, reliable and portable. It weighs 1.35 kilograms which means that it is as heavy as an average laptop and gaming laptops are much heavier than this projector. With a dimension of  25.00 x 17.00 x 5.20 cm, it can seamlessly fit into an average size backpack. When you need a trusted projector, this is definitely one to consider. This projector comes with a knob at the bottom which adjust the projection angle of the lens so that users can place this device at any angle they desire.

Video Projection & Workability

The Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector supports both Android and iOS system and it comes with 3500 lumens which provides you with a fantastic display and you will catch the full fun of your home theater projector in the daytime or darkness. The Xiaomi Mijia projector which also has a 3500 Lumen brightness sell for $679, thus this Wejoy product offers more value for money. This projector has a resolution of (1280 x 800) and comes with 5000:1 contrast ratio which makes its projection clear and distinct. The image this projector displays can be rotated 360° and the remote control makes it easy to operate. 

Connectivity & Compatibility

The Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector is compactable with Computers, iPhone, PC, Sony PS4 and Xbox. It comes with 2 x HDMI, USB, VGA, ATV, YPBPR input, audio output. The WEJOY DL – 310 DLP Intelligent Laser Projector has an in-built speaker with a high-quality sound. Besides the speakers, we have two massive heat vents which ensure that this projector stays cold no matter how long you use it. 

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector

The Xiaomi WEJOY 3500 Lumens Laser Projector is currently available on Gearbest for $499.99

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