Xiaomi VH 328 Review: mosquito repellent light

Good day, friends! Today we are going to tell you about the latest mosquito repellent light from the company Xioami the Xiaomi VH 328. The principle of operation of the device is base on self-sufficient, the rest is under the review.


The Xiaomi VH 328 mosquito repellent light arrives in a regular Xiaomi factory packaging style of the company.

Xiaomi VH 328 Xiaomi VH 328

On the bottom of the packaging, you can see the device characteristics:
Xiaomi VH 328

The complete kit includes the Xiaomi VH 328 mosquito repellent light itself, user manual and the charging cable.
Xiaomi VH 328

The user manual is both in Chinese and English.
Xiaomi VH 328

Usual micro-USB charging cable:
Xiaomi VH 328

Xiaomi VH 328 Design:

Appearance wise the Xiaomi VH 328 looks pretty similar to most mosquito repellent lights. The outer body if the map is made of dark blue premium ABS plastic. On the back side of the device (if you can say so about the circle, but still) you can find the connector for connecting the power cable. The battery in the lamp is not provided.
Xiaomi VH 328 Xiaomi VH 328
Since the Xiaomi VH 328 is a compact device for everyday use, a handle is provided for ease of transfer.

Xiaomi VH 328In the upper part of the device, there is a so-called “gander” with a single control button. the surface of the “gander” is glossy, and the prints remain with a bang.
Xiaomi VH 328Under the “gander”, you can find a little drop with an ultraviolet lamp, which attracts mosquitoes.
Xiaomi VH 328Inside the lamp itself, you can find a fan, which according to the engineers from Xiaomi, suck in mosquitoes inside by passing air through its blades. Maximum cruelty.
Xiaomi VH 328On the back side of the Xiaomi VH 328, there is a removable cover which also comes with characteristics of the device. It is the same cover which also doubles as a reservoir for mosquitoes who have fallen on the battlefield.
Xiaomi VH 328

Xiaomi VH 328


Well, intentionally I didn’t wanted to disassemble this pretty looking Xiaomi VH 328, but disassembly happened by chance when I forged a gander with a fingernail and plastic came out of the groove. So I accepted it as fate and went for the screwdrivers.
Xiaomi VH 328So what’s inside the electronic filing of the lamp? The main chip of the device has no symbols, and the UV lamp comes with 8 LEDs embedded in it.
Xiaomi VH 328

In the body of the lamp is also hidden a charge scarf, it can not be pulled out. Apparently, the case is somehow assembled in parts, and the board is installed in the gap.Xiaomi VH 328

Since the Xiaomi VH 328 mosquito repellent light was still disassembled, I went forward to check how the LEDs glow. In fact, these UV diodes turned out (checked on a banknote), which (the developers) were supposed to attract the mosquito spawn with their radiation.Xiaomi VH 328That drop, in fact, the usual dispel. Xiaomi VH 328


For checking the authenticity of the device, I decided to test it in the night time without the protection of any other mosquito repellent. In the night time, the first meeting of the buzzers was already organized, and they collectively decided to stay. The lamp was fully charged up in the day time and for the test in the same form left for the night. In the morning time, the Xiaomi VH 328 automatically gets turned off (apparently there is some kind of light sensor or a timer to turn off). When we removed the compartment under the corpses turned out to be full with dead mosquitos. And this provided that when in the evening we sat and fed them, they get their punishment.

Xiaomi VH 328


Thw Xiaomi VH 328 mosquito repellent light does work as it should, not only for me but for everyone else. So the purchase of this particular product is regarded as “value for money” And on this I have everything, thank you all for watching!

Xiaomi VH 328

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggod, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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