Get the Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase With Universal Wheel For Only $116.20

We all involve in traveling from one place to another and in many cases, we will need a good, large size suitcase to contain our luggage. Even in our homes, we need a suitcase to keep some important documents and expensive clothing safe and in good condition. There are numerous suitcases in the market and making a choice can be really tasking. However, we just found one whose price is hard to beat. The Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase With Universal Wheel is currently available for less than $120. Indeed, the 20-inch version of this suitcase sells for about $100. This is quite interesting given that most 24-inch suitcase goes as high as $200. The Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase With Universal Wheel does not only boast of its price, but it also has a good spec. Let us take a look at this traveling suitcase to see how it can fit into our budget.

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Solid Exterior – Anti Scratch

The surface of the Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase is made with 100% PC alloy and it uses a honeycomb circular pattern design which makes it scratch resistant. It’s quite interesting to have a suitcase that won’t easily get scratched. This way, you can use it for long periods and it will still appear new. On both sides of the suitcase, there is a vertical groove design. This design is not just for beauty but it also provides mechanical support for the case body and greatly reduces the pressure in the shock.

Polyester Interior – Clothing Friendly

The interior of the Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase is smartly designed to make the storage process convenient. The U-shaped zipper interior on the left side is divided into two pockets, making it easy to find stuffs on the journey before boarding.  A separate storage bag is on the right side of the suitcase to give a private space for underwears and other private belongings. The X-shaped cross strap on the right side of this suitcase makes the clothes inside the case to be arranged in order.  Looking at the interior design material, 90FUN designed the interior with a polyester fiber fabric which is commonly used in clothing. Thus you can put your underwear into the suitcase directly without any worries of security risks. This stitching process designed for the interior makes the suitcase safer and firmer.

Coded Lock Design

Furthermore, the Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase uses a TSA coded lock design which ensures that you can safely place your valuables and documents in your case. The suitcase is universal in many countries around the world which allows you to enjoy an easier journey without any worries about damage, even in the case of customs inspection.

Thickened Aluminum Alloy Ergonomic Rod

In addition to the solid exterior and interior of this suitcase, the Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase is designed with a four-stage height adjustable ergonomic rod, to adapt to different user height. The rod tube is made of thickened aluminum alloy while the surface is given a deep black metallic luster using an anodic oxidation process. This makes it difficult for the rod to wear or lose colour. In cases where the suitcase is fully loaded, the best option is to pull out the rod to your desired lent and drag the suitcase along.

Highly Elastic Mute Wheel

The quality of the wheels determines the life of the suitcase. The Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase wheel is made of a shock-absorbing and wear-resistant highly elastic TPE material. This wheel ensures that the noise and shock are greatly reduced while retaining its high elastic properties. The wheel supports a 360-degree rotation thus it is flexible and durable during pulling.

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase

The Xiaomi 90FUN 24-inch PC Suitcase is currently available on Gearbest for $116.20. It is available in Blue, Black, White and Grey colour options. There is also a 20-inch version which sells for $110.74. You can make your choice.

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