Xiaomi Instant Heating Water Dispenser Offered For Just $111.04

The Xiaomi Instant Heating Water Dispenser is a machine that would offer in just 3 seconds a cup of water at the right temperature in which you desire.  This machine ensures you enjoy the true and beautiful life in a busy working life. Let’s get to meet the device in details.

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The Xiaomi Instant Heating Water Dispenser adopts internal and external double heating structure design. The outer layer heating body adopts food grade quartz tube, and the inner layer heating body adopts 304 stainless steel electric heating tube. When a spiral pipe allows water to enter the flow path, it can be quickly heated to a set temperature, how much heating is required and repeated heating is rejected.

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It sports a key knob operation, which is simple and very convenient. You can simply control by a quick one-button start, with only one spin and one press, eliminating complicated operation steps making it very easy to use. Also, the device is very portable and comes in a white color making it very good for your decor and can position anywhere in the house.

The machine offers a 6-stage water temperature setting meeting different drinking needs. Everyone has there different temperature requirement for their drinks. The device monitors the temperature from heating the effluent in real time, making heating faster and more accurate, meeting the specific temperature requirement of different daily drinks.

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The water heater is embedded with water shortage reminder. When the water volume of the water tank is lower than the lowest water level, the machine stops working and the orange aperture lights up.  Another good design of the machine is the good high outlet, which can accommodate a cup of about 200mm tall.  Lastly, it comes with multiple anti-dry security protection which can avoid safety hazards caused by dry burning in all directions, so that it can be accompanied by safety.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Instant Heating Water Dispenser

The Xiaomi Instant Heating Water Dispenser is currently avaialable on Gearbest for $111.04 and has a priority free shipping option to different destinations.

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