CHUWI GT Box Windows 10 Home Office Game Mini PC Offered For $276.99

The CHUWI GT Box is an amazing strong mini computer and not the of cheapest, but it also features more than the average mini computer which implies that its price tag is ok considering the added features and specs. The mini PC comes with several  features which makes it quite different from the usual mini PC we find in the market

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The manufacturer chose a clean design that resulted in a frost-free gray box featuring only the CHUWI logo. As the name implies, mini, it’s not just for formality as it really comes in a compact dimension of 17.30 x 15.80 x 7.30 cm box and weighs just 0.86 kg.



Talking about hardware, it is embedded with some good combo to ensure it works perfectly fine. It features

  • Intel Core i3-5005U (Two-Sided)
  • 8GB DDR3 Memory (RAM)
  • 256GB SSD
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphic 5500

Storage space can be expanded via SATA connector. No problem with this hardware, as it is possible to play 4K videos as a media player (HTPC, TV BOX). Windows runs at its factory, so any program can be used and limited, but it can also play.

On and outputs

Well equipped with>

  • bluetooth 4.0
  • wifi: there is 5G Wifi
  • HDMI: 2pcs, HDMI 2
  • 1000Mbit LAN (wired internet)
  • 4pcs USB3
  • 3.5mm jack
  • microphone jack


Its consumption is very low, 36W, so running up to 24 hours consumes only 864W a day which ensures you save lots of energy compared to others., so you don’t have to bring a mainstream while using it.


Windows 10 Home preinstalled.

What is it used for?

Because of the Intel processor, Windows and Linux can be installed, so it can be either a computer or a media player (HTPC). Thanks to the 8GB memory and the SSD driver, the speed should be no problem (and of course the processor is not bad).

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