Get The Original Xiaomi Multi-functional Baby Carrier For $49.99

Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools

Are you expecting a baby? is your wife pregnant? do you want to get a gift for a pregnant relative or friend? then you don’t have to search further as the Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools is the perfect gift. This carrier has a degree of 35, which would be pressed to 25-30 degree while the baby is setting on it. This is the perfect design for baby’s spine, as it wouldn’t affect the spine but even develop it. At the same time, it is the best kind of protection for baby. The length of the carrier is 26m and has a width of 16.5m, which benefit the baby bone development, so it’s not all about relieving you the stress of carrying the baby as it would still help the baby. The fabric of the carrier has been certified by authority. It does not contain formaldehyde, aromatic amines, and other harmful substances. Lets quickly take a look at other features of this amazing carrier

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Ergonomic protection design

The Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools sports an ergonomic protection design by increasing the force area, the baby strap is specifically designed to dissipate the pressure of parents’ abdomen effectively. Its Innovative strap design, reduces the mother’s shoulder force effectively, to avoid spine problems. The tail is designed as 3cm expansion, which can distract force from the abdomen. It’s also suitable for mothers who have the Caesarean section. Can it get better? Nahh.
Xiaomi Multifunction Baby Back Belt Stools
Reduce parents’ burden
The Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools Uses a 14 cm wide belt to disperse the power to protect the waist health. Its 60-120cm waist circumference is suitable for different types of parents. The carrier comes with an adjustable anti-slip tape which reduces the decomposition of the back power. The 20cm adjustable range, improve the comfort of the spine, making it feel so comfortable while using it.
Xiaomi Multifunction Baby Back Belt Stools

Prevent baby O / X type legs

With the Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools 35 degrees elevation design, the baby can sit down to form a comfortable slope to protect the baby’s spine development, and let the child closer to the mother’s body, with “frog potential” faecal type, effective prevention of baby O / X type legs.
Xiaomi Multifunction Baby Back Belt Stools
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Humanized design details

It also provides the hidden windproof cap, high reflective warning strip, large pocket in front of the baby carrier and adjustable velcro. Suitable for children weighing 3.5kg to 30kg and aged 3 to 36 month old.


With this carrier, Infant baby can face with infants, facing outward (forward / outward) or back, with or without chips. Sleeping hood can be faced with the baby and rear position.
Xiaomi Multifunction Baby Back Belt Stools

Safety fabric

The Xiaomi baby carrier is made of 100% polyester fibre, striped fabric is 100% cotton, made of 100% polyester fibre. It does not contain formaldehyde, aromatic amines, and other harmful substances.

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Where Can I Buy The Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools?

The Xiaomi Baby Back Belt Stools can be purchased from Gearbest for just $49.99 and would be delivered to your destination for free.

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