9 Best Smart Watch For Kids & Teenagers

The human race is no stranger to technological gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops, however, no one could’ve ever imagined that such a long-lasting impact could be made on the juveniles by something as timid as a wristwatch.

To begin with, these are wrist-worn watches that have the ability to be used as smartphones; to send notifications, install and use Apps, manage media and ensure tracking.

Companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Apple, Lenovo group, Garmin and Huawei technologies have taken the world by a storm, as they continue to release products which have yielded huge sums of money for the producers and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction for the young buyers; the children.

Usually, parents buy smartwatches for their kids to keep track of their children geographical location, and health fitness.

9 Best Smart Watch For Kids & Teenagers

It is an interesting aspect to compare and contrast between ten of the most sought for smartwatches at Amazon. The watches have induced an enormous effect on the buyers as they promise to uphold the true image of the smartwatch being computing on your wrist with improved features and qualities for the device. It is now time to unleash the detailed structure of all the products.

Check out below, the detailed reviews of the best smartwatch for teenager and kids available in the market.

  1. Apple Watch Series Four

As already mentioned it is one of the most acclaimed digital watches for not only adults but children too. Trying it is too exciting of a temptation to resist. This product has induced masses of profitability for the company. These gadgets begin at a price point of   $384.99.

The focal features include:

  • Thinner and sleeker design with curved corners.
  • Display technology called LTPO improves power efficiency.
  • It provides a vast screen measuring forty millimeters and forty-four millimeters, respectively with a fifty percent louder speaker.
  • It contains twenty-one percent more components.
  • The speed of response of the watch is also considerably impressive surpassing the series three and two.
  • This effect is further enhanced when the watch provides quick messages.
  • Heart rate is also monitored and this is reinforced through an electrocardiograph or ECG.
  • There has been an improvement in accelerometer and gyroscope for fall detection.


  • It provides the aesthetic beauty for the watch without compromising the battery life which also satisfies the demand of your child for the best and the most stylish product.
  • The watch provides a jaw-dropping eighteen-hour battery life with a single charge.
  • When plunged into serious trouble, for example, an accident it sends text messages.
  • This watch also checks arrhythmia this may allow effective medication at the correct time in order to avoid problems such as dizziness, chest pain, and syncope, this keeps an impeccable record of your child’s health.


  • The battery life could also be improved, many consumers feel so that Apple holds more capabilities at improving the time span for the consumption of battery life.

This may be one of the most effective gadgets for kids, not only proving as a rightful companion but also assisting the health without losing any of its features. It certainly is worth a try.

  1. Bluetooth Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

It is equipped with all the necessary specifications to make your child’s dream of the perfect smartwatch come to life.

Insertion of a sim card may allow it to become an individual smartphone. If this is not suited to your child’s nature it may be switched to Bluetooth mode enabling call and transmission of messages, as it possesses a Bluetooth 4.0 version.

This smartwatch comes up with a 1.3” color touch screen and features like waterproof and dustproof screen making this experience absolutely worth a try.

It also has an anti-sweat matte finish and a soft strap. This is one of the most sought for watches with an absolutely affordable price of $37.


  • It is capable of tracking health activities such as exercise.
  • It doesn’t compromise the adaptability of the smartwatch.
  • This may be one of the most effective products for your child’s wild adventures such as hiking since it is water and dust proof.
  • It also has a comfortable feel to it.


  • An inefficient battery life.
  1. Kids Smart Watch GPS Smartwatch Base Station Positioning Wrist GM8 Smart Watch for Boys and Girls

A unique, stylish and fashionable choice for your child. The specifications are listed below:

It has an incredibly efficient tracking system.

It contains a GPS.

It extends the range of its functions by providing a wifi connection, base station and GPS access enabling: weather forecast, footprint monitor, double control model and so much more.

It comes with a price of just $30.


  • It is capable of keeping your kids’ activities in your knowledge with the calling and texting system.
  • GPS enabled mode also provides a determination of location and area allowing your child’s safety be the first priority.
  • Its operation is incredibly simple and easy for juveniles.
  • However, it must be handled with efficiency in the following ways:
  • The package contains a manual which must be read carefully.
  • Hardware to support wifi needs installation.


  • No Cons
  1. Kids Smart Watch For 3-14 years Old Kids

Coming with an absolutely terrific price of $32.85 the features of this watch make it absolutely desirable:

Like all other watches, it contains a child safety tracker.

It contains nearly seven puzzle games: Match, Chess, Aircraft, Snake, Gopher, Tetris, Hanoi, Blocks, Digital and healthy game content.

It also has the ability to make various phone calls and messages.

It’s key specifications include 1.55” Sensitive Touch, One FAST PRESS Button SOS, HD Camera, Two-Way Call, Phone Book, Flashlight Tool for darkness and Timing Alarm clock.

The watch has a battery capacity of about 500mA and a fast charging time of two or three hours with the standby time being seven days.


  • It provides entertainment and amusement for your child through the gaming content.
  • It keeps you updated about the activities of your child.
  • It has a wide range of functions within a defined range of price.


  • It only works on the 2G network; however, this issue is at its minimum as the watch provides emergency calls by merely pressing the SOS button for three seconds.
  1. Elec Tech SmartWatch Smart Phone Watch

This smartwatch has countless features making it not only different but one of the best watches for your kid. It has a price tag of $81.05.

It has four-way connectivity through:

  • A GPS tracker.
  • It also has connectivity to the wifi.
  • LBS and AGPS is an important constituent of the device.
  • A 4G network is available.

It also supports video calling with effective cameras through WeChat.

The price justifies itself as the product is waterproof as well.

The smartwatch has a 1.4 inch HD color touch screen, full-screen IPS, explosion-proof crack, scratch-resistant and dustproof, with a 240 * 240 resolution.


  • It ensures the safekeeping of your child through access to various locations.
  • The wifi reveals many features such as notifications on various apps and weather forecasts.
  • The 4G network provides stable and faster calls and texts.
  • Due to the sublime materials used to produce it, the watch is also resistant to corrosion with a highly accurate machining technology.


  • Surprisingly the watch has no cons.
  1. Kacowpper Smartwatch

Are you looking for a smartwatch under $15? Then this is your item to purchase.

It has numerous features allowing it to become distinct.

Its key specifications include:

  • Bluetooth Dialer, Contacts, Call Reminder, Clock, Anti-loss, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder, Calendar.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.Network
  • SIM Card: Single SIM Card (Micro SIM Card) can be used as a replacement instead of a phone.
  • GPS tracker.
  • Digital camera.
  • Waterproof sim card.


  • The tracking system enables location in times of distress for the parents.
  • The camera allows the capturing of breathtaking beautiful photographs.
  • The waterproof sim allows activities like swimming with the wristwatch on.


  • There is no APK for iPhone, so four functions can’t sync with iPhone: Anti-lost, Messaging, Notifier, Remote and Camera, however, all other functions can work perfectly well. allows activities like swimming with the wristwatch on.
  1. YAKOO Kids Smart Watch

Under $30 this smartwatch is equipped with all the necessary features to amaze your child:

There is a two-way call system: the first via SOS emergency call and the second being GPS and LBS voice chats.

It also has a night flashlight.

Time may be calibrated through the stopwatch present in the smartwatch which measures activities like exercise rate etc.


  • It is also equipped with a phone alarm.
  • The LBS voice chats allow you to nurture your relationship with your child even when they are away from you.
  • The flashlight allows it to act as a mini lamp at night.
  • The alarm keeps your child informed about their latest happenings and events.
  • Parents can also set time frames for studying which prevents the distraction of the child.


  • You must buy a speed talk sim to disclose all of the above-listed features and advantages.
  1. Jshuang Toys Smartwatch

Available for less than $27 it is set to keep your child happy and contented with your choice of this smartwatch.

The smartwatch has a 1.44 inch Touch Screen, Bluetooth 4.0, Fully compatible with various smartphones.

This device is multilingual as well with English, Chinese, and Russian.

It supports a hands-free speaker.

It consists of a pedometer and measures heartbeat rate.

It makes calls directly on the watch, finds your phone contacts and displays call logs.


  • The speaker makes various songs audible to masses.
  • It provides a vast range of possible options for improving your child’s language skills.
  • It portrays health benefits for your child.
  • It allows the keeping of effective contact with your child.


  • No Cons reported so far

With so many features it is one of the most acclaimed smartwatches for kids and is worth a try and has no cons.

  1. Aulley smartwatch

Currently available in four different colors: it has managed to grab the attention of the audience with its unusual features.

It has a two-way contacting system just like the other apps: the SOS for quicker responses in a dangerous situation and tracking system enabling voice contact.

It contains a tracking system which can standby for as many as seventy-two hours.

It is also an anti-harassment wristwatch as it blocks the calls from an unknown number or contact giving your child a secure, more protected environment.

It also has a light sensor alarm making it unique in a way of its own.


  • The location access is provided to the parent via the tracking system.
  • Anti-harassment features have made it not only unique but also acclaimed keeping the security of your child as the first priority.


  • The battery time is a bit short.

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After reading this comprehensive guide, you can take the decision of buying a smartwatch for your child easily by keeping the pros and cons of each model listed above.

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