i14 TWS AirPods: Worth Buying?

The makers behind the successful line of AirPods knockoffs have many products in their name. The i12 and i13 TWS are few of the TWS earphones they’ve brought to the market that has stood its ground with the AirPods. The makers of this series are one of the few who’ve been able to keep it neck and neck with the original in this difficult to nail area of knockoffs. Their latest addition to this set of knockoffs, the i14 TWS AirPods has hit the market with a revived fight to beat the AirPods 2 at its own game.

The i14 TWS AirPods is expected to have great features as it comes from the same manufacturers who’ve been replicating the AirPods in the most cost-efficient manner. On that note, here are a few reasons as to why the i14 TWS AirPods is the new AirPods 2 replica to watch out for in the earphone market.

Is it worth buying the i14 TWS AirPods Clone?

Designed to Impress: i14 TWS AirPods

The first thing to be noticed in any knockoff is the similarities in design. The i14 TWS AirPods doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. Mimicking the AirPods in every conceivable way, the i14 mirrors it with an exact likeness. Even the lightweight dimensions of the AirPods are implemented in the i14 TWS to give a comfortable fit for the users.

Lightning Fast Connection

With Bluetooth 5.0, the i14 TWS AirPods connects to devices much faster than previous ones in the series. It is compatible with all smartphones, tablets and laptops with no transmission issues in any of them. With a 2.4GHz frequency band, the audio experience doesn’t suffer from any lag, which is another killer reason to look out for the i14 TWS AirPods.

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A Memorable Audio Experience: i14 TWS AirPods

The i14 TWS AirPods comes equipped with tools that provide an amazing audio experience. The addition of a High-Fidelity subwoofer makes the i14 TWS AirPods stand out from its predecessors and closer in reaching the high benchmark set by the AirPods 2. The High-Fidelity subwoofers grant an extra ounce of bass and stereo to make it an audio experience to remember for every audiophile.

These features also make the i14 TWS AirPods a replica for the original AirPods experience not just in design, but for the first time close enough in audio as well. With no lag in transmission and real-time audio delivery, the i14 TWS AirPods provides a memorable audio experience.

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The Perfect Sports Companion: i14 TWS AirPods

Getting an audio device that serves the musical desires for those who exercise daily or are involved in sports is always a bit of a hassle. A comfortable fit and offering resistance to sweat are a few of the things that have to be checked while buying one for the same. The i14 TWS AirPods offers solutions to at least a few of those troubles.

Certified with a water resistance rating of IPX6, the i14 TWS AirPods doesn’t falter when in contact with sweat or light water drops. The i14 TWS AirPods also comes with a powerful circuit that offers an active noise reduction keeping all focus on the activity with no problems due to surrounding environmental noise. These factors make the i14 TWS AirPods a great design that suits sportspeople perfectly.

Battery that doesn’t Lose

Draining battery levels is a major concern for many Bluetooth devices currently available in the tech market. While many products promise massive standby time, the actual result is way lesser. The promised amount of continuous usage is usually delivered, but the standby time isn’t what it is made out to be. The i4 TWS AirPods delivers better in that aspect.

While the i14 TWS AirPods isn’t a huge giver in terms of music playback with only 2 to 3 hours (35 mAh) of continuous usage, it has a behemoth standby time of 120 hours. A protection board is attached to the earphone battery so a loss in battery isn’t seen and the standby time with usage as mentioned in the specification lists.

The charging case of the i14 TWS AirPods is equipped with 350mAh to serve multiple recharges and to double back as a miniature powerbank for smartwatches other small chargeable accessories. Once fully charged for an hour, it has the power to supply 10 recharges for the i14 TWS AirPods.

Simple to Handle

One key selling point for the i14 TWS AirPods Clone is its buttonless touch control system. Just like the original AirPods, the i14 TWS also comes with a system that uses no buttons. With just a series of simple touches, the controls can be used by even a layman using a TWS accessory for the first time. These controls include navigating music playback, volume and even summoning the voice assistant for starters.

Such a simple and easy to use controls make the i14 TWS AirPods a pleasure to handle eliminating constant fiddling with the phone for basic functions.

Easy on the Pockets

AirPods are notorious for the price bracket they’re available in the market. While it is feasible for the elite portion of consumers, the rest of the consumers tend to look for alternatives that are cheap and efficient at the same time. Amidst the various AirPods knockoffs seen, the i14 TWS AirPods is one of the very few that offer efficient user experiences at a cheap price catering to a huge section of consumers in the audio accessories market.

At just $22.99 [FLASH SALE], the i14 TWS AirPods Clone is one choice that is extremely light on the buyer’s wallet and offers a lot at the same time.

i14 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (FLASH SALE)

Sale Price: $22.99


Bluetooth Distance: 12 metres
Music Time: 3-4H
Charging Time: 0.5 Hours
Talk time: 3-4H

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