Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell now available for $11.81

Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell

New arrival. The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell with European stylish, simple design. It has 38 computer-selected chords (stereo speakers). This Door bell has 300 meters ultra-long remote control / receiving distance ability (the actual receiving signal changes depending on the environment, the signal is different due to obstacles). The transmitter button was structured with a waterproof design. The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell has digital circuit design for stable operation and reliable performance.

The The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell has digital is easy and simple to use, no need for help from professionals or installers, you can plug it into the indoor regular socket can be used, you can move the installation location. It adopts a wireless high-frequency transmission technology and same-frequency different code, effectively avoiding the troubles caused by mutual interference and false alarms between neighbors.
The linear remote control distance of the open area has been strictly tested to not less than 300 meters, which can meet the needs of different family environments. The average household is about 50 meters.

The doorbell consumes less than 3W, and the transmitter uses 12V volt 23A battery. It does not press and consume no electricity. It can be used for more than one year (laboratory test, 30 times a day). Environmental factors such as electromagnetic interference, installation on closed iron doors, shielding, weather and humidity, and timely replacement of batteries will affect the use of wireless doorbells. It has a wide range of uses, it can be used as a special doorbell, as well as special purposes such as contact, paging, patient care, and emergency notification.

Precautions for use:

  • Please use high-quality alkaline batteries as much as possible to avoid the use of ordinary carbon-zinc batteries with short battery life and easy to leak electrolyte.
  • Non-professionals should not open the repair without authorization to avoid damaging the delicate electronic components.
  • Please try to avoid putting the product in direct rain, long exposure, and close to metal objects.
  • Proper use of this product can effectively extend the service life.
  • The actual remote control distance will vary depending on the environmental factors used.

Installation method:

The transmitter is opened with a screwdriver. It can be attached with the double-sided adhesive that is randomly distributed, or the hole is fixed with screws. When disassembling and installing the transmitter, be careful not to touch the electronic components. The transmitter uses a 12 volt 23A battery. When the signal is transmitted and received less sensitive, replacing the transmitter battery can solve the problem. The receiver can be used by plugging it into a regular indoor socket.

The scope of application:

Wireless doorbells are free to install, the buttons can be installed and can be used for home, office, hotel, building, dormitory, factory, construction site, etc. Digital flying, happy expansion.

Innovative design:

The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell has 38 music life adds color.
A piece of music is a state of mind. Karzas products include chord music, making your life full of new ideas.
Volume controllable is determined by heart according to the customer’s living habits, we set a level 3 volume, depending on the heart, fully meet the modern personality of the home environment. Repeated scientific tests in the laboratory and in the field ensure the normal use of the complex environment, 300 meters long receiving distance, become the new darling of the multi-room large space. The waterproof design extends the life and the innovation of product structure design completely prevents the intrusion of rainwater and effectively prolongs the service life of the product.


  • Receiver size: 102 x 63 x 28MM Transmitter size: 77 x 41 x 20MM
  • The receiver rated voltage: AC 100 – 240V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • Receiver controllable volume: 25 – 80dB (3rd volume can be adjusted freely. User-friendly design can be adjusted to closed sound)
  • Receiver plug: successful in-line plug
  • Accessories: Transmitter built-in 12V 23A alkaline battery 1 section (factory with a normal use for about a year or so General supermarkets are available for sale.

Where To Buy The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell

The Super Remote Control Home Wireless Doorbell is currently on sale at Gearbest for $11.81.

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