Everything to know about the Pocophone F2: fresh leaks, unique features, price, and release date

The Pocophone F1 is one of the cheapest smartphones with the Snapdragon 845 from Xiaomi in the world, and it attracted wide attention of global users once it released. It has been more than half a year since the release of Pocophone F1, so we are looking forward to the next update of the Poco series – Xiaomi Pocophone F2. While before the official release, we have collected some full specs that the Pocophone F2 will be likely to offer. Let’s find out.

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The external appearance of the F2 PocoPhone could provide a change from the previous model, according to the early renderings that have been leaked. It still does not make the leap to the Crystal, at least apparently, although it does change the aspect ratio of the screen and the notch, which would become type drop.


PocoPhone F2 screen are one of the most important features. There is lots of data, but it seems that it will maintain in Full HD. For now no Xiaomi Mobile has gone beyond, and this will not be the first. If it increases the front surface of the screen, above all thanks to the notch type drop which replaces the wide eyebrow of the previous model.


Among the features of the PocoPhone F2 will be already Android foot, that Yes, under customization MIUI layer and the launcher shortly. That means you have navigation by gestures and management of the application screen, among other novelties of the new firmware of Google. It remains to be seen if they incorporate any improvement in your application launcher.


Not long ago the first synthetic PocoPhone F2 Benchmark, leaked so we know more or less expect. A priori, it will equip the same hardware as the F1, i.e., up to 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage with Snapdragon 845. There may be some model with more RAM, although it seems unlikely to soon give the jump to Snapdragon 855.

How it affects the customer?

PocoPhone F2 cameras incorporate changes, and it is that the notch type drop only conceal a lens, by two that remain in the rear. No details about their Mpx, opening or technical characteristics, so remains rather than wait for new details by the brand.


One of the benefits which better opinions PocoPhone F1 was your battery, so despite not having data, it seems unlikely that will see reduced. Almost with total probability will remain in 4,000 mAh and very close, thus giving the F2 autonomy of battery more than outstanding in its segment.

How it affects the customer?


One of the innovations which would justify the renewal would be to include the NFC between the specifications of the PocoPhone F2. Yet there is nothing confirmed but it would not be surprising if the brand does, with WiFi AC, fast charging and USB type C have covered virtually all areas in terms of connectivity.

When will Xiaomi Pocophone F2 arrive?

The release date of the Pocophone F2 is the question we concern most. According to the latest leaks, the Pocophone F2 is very likely to be released in India in May 2019. And its price will be about Rs. 26,990.  

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