ZONESTAR Z9M3 3d Print now for just $559.99

Zonestar is introducing fast assemble 3D printer with 3 extruder which enables it to produce multi-color printed shapes with open source firmware. The Zonestar Z9M3 3D print is made of aluminum extrusion with aluminum platform board to make it long lasting and durable. The full metal frame is accurately designed to perform smooth printing process without any deviation.

A strong and energetic motor is embedded inside combined with a belt and two sides run synchronously to stabilize the hotbed and print model.

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Zonestar 3d Printer

Moreover, in Zonestar Z9M3 3d Print, you will get 3 extrusion feeders to mix up the color bottles in order to produce a single, dual or three-color 3d product. Overall, the Zonestar Z9M3 3d Print is an absolute solution for your 3d printing manufacturing works at all levels.

Features and Specifications of Zonestar Z9M3 3D print:

3-in-1 Automatic Color Mixing Extruders

The Zonestar Z9M3 Large Size 3d Print involves 3 automatic color extruders to generate single to multi-color objects in a single go. It has an inbuilt auto-mixing color engine which works to convert a single color object into multi-color objects automatically.

Large-sized LCD Screen

On a side, you will get real-time data about the operations and processes on 128×64 pixels 3.5-inch LCD screen. Further, it supports 24 languages including western Union Russian, Turkish, Japanese, and many more. You also do not need to upgrade its firmware yourself.

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Zonestar 3d Printer

Simple Assemble Design

The manufacturer has considered a lot to ensure accuracy and stability through easy and simple assembling process. The simplest component structure and 7% pre-assembled unit make it easy to understand and provide complex-free ways to install it.

Offline Printing Mode

A great way to print without connecting the machine with the computer is to use of TF card. It makes it more convenient and efficient and saves a lot of time and efforts.

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Zonestar 3d Printer

Smart Control Box

The Zonestar Z9M3 Large Size 3d Print comeswith a full metal smart control box to make its performance safer, stable and also delivers excellent heat dissipation.

Additional Features

Additionally, you will get upgraded X-axis belt fixing method, 240W integrated Aluminum heat bed, 4-wheel X-axis carrier, perfect Z-axis synchronized design for proper balance, Auto-levelling position sensor, Mixed Color Hotend, Rich interface products, V-slot profiles with high-precision wheels, standalone power adaptor, full metal frame for stable and enhanced performance, and various file format support like STL, G-Code, OBJ, 3DS etc.

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Zonestar 3d Printer


The Zonestar Z9M3 3D print is available for $559.99 after 10% off on Gearbest. Click to buy now:

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