Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones Review

In the fast pacing tech world when you start looking for a good quality Wireless Earphones, it becomes really tough. The online marketplace is full of cheap Wireless Earphones claiming to be the best. But how can you find out which earphones are best for you? Quality cheap wireless headphones are hard to find, and this is a fact that no one can disagree. In this review, I’m going to tell you about Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones. These are the new sensational earphones which comes with a low price tag but excellent sound quality.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones Specifications:

Bluetooth Name:X9
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Wireless Working Range: 15m (No Obstacle Condition)
Earphones Battery Capacity: 40 mAh
Charging Cabin Batery Capacity: 400 mAh
Speaker Unit: 10mm*2 Hi-Fi stereo
Music Play Time: 3-4 hours
Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
Product Features: Portable magnetic charging cabin
Super light weight
IPX5 water resistance
Comfort and secure fit
Longer playing time
Latest Bluetooth 5.0 version
Touch Control
Stable Connection
Faster pairing mode
Widely compatibility

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Packaging:

The Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless arrives in a nice cardboard box. With the Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones, you will also get a user guide, 3 pairs of pads of different sizes, and the USB charging cable. The first thing that you will love the most is the design of earphones: very beautiful, well built and with a very good sound.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

Rounded design, ergonomic, bright and wireless

The Arbily TWS-X9 comes with a loading sliding base which also doubles as a charging case for wireless earphones. The first thing that impresses us is the well-built design and size of the earphones. Earphones are quite discreet, black and with well-polished design lines. Moreover, its shape fits perfectly to the shape of the average ear.

Analyzing the earphones, you can see the pad that collects the sound, the conductor material that allows it to charge and the microphone. Now, let’s jump to the top rounded panel of earphones, its a touch pad, it will enable you to change the volume, to pause, to resume and to change of songs.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

The touch pad area has a blue color illuminating ring along its side, which gives it the distinct look. The blue light glows in a pattern of “flashes” according to the state of working of Arbily TWS-X9. The states are the following:
If they are getting charge from the sliding base, they blink gently.
When you turn them on, while connecting it to the smartphone, it starts flashing fast.
While playing music they continue to flash but at a lower rate.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones
Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

Powerful sound, with good bass and a very competent sharpness

First thing First, although I can’t convey how these Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones sounds, I give my words they don’t disappoint at all. The sound is excellent, and it reaches a very high volume with incredible basses.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

The Arbily TWS-X9 is a very balanced Wireless Earphones because even if you use them for the long term, you will not get annoyed. Also listening to your favorite music in these earphones is an excellent experience as they are completely soundproof when it comes to the outside noise and makes you have a closer look at each sound.

With the Arbily TWS-X9, I have heard from rock and pop to classical music, and everything passed with good grades. While using these headphones, I have not managed to perceive any distortion in the sound that could ruin my experience.

Usability, user experience and sensations

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

This is by far the most important section of the review because in this part I’ll talk about my experience while using this product and the sensation it has transmitted to me. I will also talk about how intuitive is its use, how they feel in the ears and in general everything.

The sliding base does not take much time to charge your earphones for the next use, and there are four led lights attached to it indicating its battery level. The first conta

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones comes with Bluetooth 5.0 version, and it works properly with any device having Bluetooth connectivity (laptop, smartphone or tablet). When you first turn on the earphones, you are greeted by pleasant female voice letting you know about the status of the device, connection or when the battery gets low.

The blinking lights are another features that grab our attention. Firstly the lights are very aesthetic, but when you use them in a darker place, it comes to bewilder a bit. The luminous part also doubles as a touch panel which performs different actions:

How to Control Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones:

  • Music Control: Long press starting up
  • Single touch: Play/Pause
  • Double Touch L: Volume+ (one more operation will set it back to the minimum to start over again when the volume ereach its maximum)
  • Double Touch R: Next Song
  • Phone Calls:
  • Single Touch R/L: Answer/Hand up calls
  • Touch R/L for 3s: Rejects calls(Phone calls can be managed with either of the two earbuds)

During the day, the light is almost invisible however in the night time it gives a pretty “advanced” touch your aesthetics.

If you have used these type of “in-ear” earphones before Arbily TWS-X9 is made for you. However, in my experience some people have a problem with these kinds of devices.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

Generally, every person has a different size of ears, and this is what makes it hard to get a perfect size of in-ear earphones. In my case, I have a medium size of ears, and Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones have adapted quite well. Moreover leaving aside the diversity of auricular pavilions, I must say these earphones can adapt to any size of ear. During review they hold great, and in no time I faced any problem of detachment while working out.

One of the selling points of these earphones also includes its IPX5 certification. Yes, these Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones have water resistant capacity to some extent, and you will not face any problem due to minor rain or spill. However, they are not made for use in swimming pools or shower. They have used a single layer of gum to make it waterproof which does not isolate 100% of the water.

How effective is the IPX5? Well, while using them the Arbily TWS-X9 allows you to go outside even if its raining outside. Beyond that, the water can affect your listening.

Overall the Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones have many advantages over traditional earphones, and it shines in the absence of any type of cable. After using these, you can forget about untying knots and other problem you had faced using wired earphones.

The quality of sound is what impresses me a lot, Arbily TWS-X9 has super good audio especially basses because it is one of the points that most power these devices. The active noise cancellation is also very effective thanks to its design and arrangement.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

As for the battery life I have to say they have delivered quite a reliable device. With 100% charging, you can use the earphones for 4-5 hours without any need to charge it again. Moreover, with the carry case, cum charger always allows you to charge it any time without looking for any power source and allows you to listen to music without worries.

Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones

Where to buy Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones?

You can order yours online from virtually any country. The Arbily TWS-X9 Wireless Earphones are available on for just $45.99.


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