Poptel V9 in Pre-Sale: A Android Video-Phone With 8″ Multi-Touch Display

When it comes to choosing a landline phone for home or office space, the user has a serious problem. There are a lot of manufacturers and models, each device has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Understand and choose something very hard. If you also thought about this issue, then we have great news for you – a universal “all-in-one” device called Poptel V9 is able to satisfy any of your requests. This is the landline phone of the future, which has a whole list of important functions.

Pre-Order Now

Based on the information that we were able to get on the official website of Poptel and from the video with the first opinion about the product, we can safely talk about the adaptability of the “videophone”. At Poptel V9, the diagonal of the touch screen is 8 inches, the device works on the Android operating system and boasts the functions of a regular phone.

This is without a doubt the largest Android phone in the world. In addition, the owner of the novelty receives not just a big smartphone, but also a tablet with the function of a telephone call, a controller for smart home and a wireless landline phone. Due to this, we believe that Poptel V9 is an ideal solution for home, office, hotel or shop.

Yes, with the elements of a smart home a new phone can also interact. You can use Poptel V9 as a controller for all smart devices. Most modern gadgets, such as coffee makers, video intercoms, locks or robotic vacuum cleaners, are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection feature and are remotely controlled directly from the phone’s display through a special application. Also, if you want to get yourself a tablet for a coffee table, to watch TV shows on Netflix or to view email, Poptel V9 is also suitable – it has all the necessary functions. And, of course, this is the perfect gift for a more adult generation, who wants to abandon outdated landline phones.

Good news doesn’t end with the product description. The company Poptel began to take pre-orders for the phone V9 from April 1. If you want to get more information about this, just go to the official page and check the price right now.

Buy Poptel P9000 Max 

In addition, the company Poptel has a smart device with decent battery life – P9000 Max. From April 1 to April 16, this smartphone will be sold for $40 cheaper with fast free shipping from US warehouse. Try to be in time, only 13 days are left before the end of the action.

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