QCY T1C Mini Wireless Music Earphones: Dope or Nope? [Coupon Deal]

The Chinese have always been pioneers in creating products for the technological market. While there are many devices set to fight for the top range products, there are many companies that manufacture products with the middle market in mind. Cheaper than the higher end of products, while packing in a good punch, they are products which are good, but not great. One of the many TWS earphones that are produced by a Chinese company, is the QCY T1C Mini Wireless Music Earphones.

Coupon Code: GBQCYT1CBK

Price: $22.99

Like most Chinese products, the QCY T1C Mini Bluetooth earphones aren’t quite heard of in the market, until it becomes the buzz for a while with many sales. Here are a few reasons why the QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones are worth buying.

Are the QCY T1C MINI Bluetooth Earphones Dope?

Light on the ear

The QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones is quite lightweight and doesn’t exert too much weight on the ear. Weighing at 40 grams, the QCY T1C Mini wireless earphones is one of the lightest TWS devices in the market available right now.

While the design might feel a bit harsh on the earlobes for some people, there’s a quick fix in most cases. The rubber tips on the earbuds might be too tight or loose. The QCY T1C wireless music earphones come with 3 sets of rubber tips to combat this problem. Once the rubber tips are fixed according to the size of the ear, the harshness felt earlier goes off and the QCY T1C wireless earphones give you the comfort you deserve.

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A musical mania by QCY T1C Mini Wireless Earphones

The QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphone takes things differently from mainstream audio companies. Without enhancing the bass, the T1C dials up on the trebles and mids. This brings the vocals, guitar layers and melodies to the forefront. The bass is more of a subtle presence in the T1C Mini. This mix of sounds works across various styles, bringing in a new musical experience.

Since most hip hop, pop and EDM songs have massive boosts of bass in the mixtapes itself, the bass is still audible in songs of these genres. The increase in mids which brought out the guitar layers helps in enhancing the listening experience of those music enthusiasts with a mania for guitar-based songs. This different approach in the QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones gives a new musical experience which is enjoyable by all.

Battery power

The QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones have a good battery life of 4 hours when used together. It also offers the option of monaural usage with a single earbud alone, increasing the time to somewhere in between an hour to two. This option helps users to push in extra time when all the extra battery is needed and charge time isn’t available.

The standby time for the earphones is 120 hours. With a quick charge time of an hour and the charging case having the fuel for 4 to 5 charges, the QCY T1C Mini wireless earphones act as a good companion on the road.

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The QCY T1C Mini offers An enviable experience

The QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones present a lovable experience. With active noise cancellation and a high-sensitivity microphone in the earbuds, both calls and listening to music is smooth without any transmission hassles or external noise messing things up. The sweatproof design makes the QCY T1C Mini Bluetooth earphones an apt choice for activities like jogging, hitting the gym and other sports.

All this at a cheap price

The QCY T1C Mini wireless music earphones offer a lot of features and it is priced quite low. At 32$, it is a bargain that one can’t decline easily. Also exclusively for our readers we’ve a coupon which further gives a straight offer at just $22.99. Also this offer is valid only for the first 200 pieces. Comparing the price and the features offered by the QCY T1C Mini wireless earphones, it is one great device that isn’t seen elsewhere in the market.

Coupon Code: GBQCYT1CBK

Price: $22.99


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres or 32.81 Feet
Weight: 0.0400 kg
Dock Charging Capacity: 4 Times Binarural Charging (380 mAh)
Charging time: 2 Hour
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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